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〜The oldest hot springs in Japan〜Dogo Onsen has a history stretching back 3,000 years. The springs are mentioned in Nihon Shoki an...

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Orange Juice From A Tap

~The Rumours Are True! You Can Get Orange Juice From A Tap!~There have long been rumours in Japan about a place where you can get ...

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Takomeshi Mihara

If the main thing you look forward to on holiday is good food, a trip to Matsuyama City on Shikoku Island will be extra rewarding....

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Dogo Onsen

While Japan is known for its many hot springs (or onsen), Dogo Onsen in Ehime Prefecture is particularly famous for being the olde...

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Most tourists visit Matsuyama for one big reason, Dogo Onsen. But beyond the famous hotspring house lies another fascinating attra...

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Dogo Onsen Main Building

This place is rather inaccessible from the bigger cities in Japan, but easily reachable by train if you are travelling around Shik...

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Onsens are really famous hot springs in Japan .It's not only about bathing , they are soo beautiful and gorgeous .Not only that it...

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Poem Sweets Park

It is an interesting dessert that’s a specialty in Matsuyama. It is made of full of yellow Anko (bean) between soft butter and va...

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