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Akiyoshido Cave

~East Asia’s Largest Stalactite Cave~Akiyoshido Cave, Japan’s largest stalactite cave, is filled with mysterious limestone feature...

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Tsunoshima Bridge

~Stunning View! Crossing The Cobalt Blue Sea~The elegant stature of Tsunoshima Bridge, together with the vivid and gorgeous color ...

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Shirakabe No Machi

~Filling The Air With Nostalgia~Shirakabe no Machi is a district of streets created under the town distribution during the Muromac...

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Motonosumi Inari Shrine

~A Row Of Bright Red Torii Gates Leading To The Sea~The row of bright red torii gates stretching over 100 m certainly leaves a las...

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Higashi Ushirobata Tanada

Sometimes beauty comes about in the most unexpected ways. Take Higashi Ushirobata Tanada, for instance. Carved out of a hillsi...

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Omijima island

Scuba diving wasn’t something I would associate with Japan, but a visit to Omijima Island completely changed my mind. The emer...

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The Forest of Camper in Kawatana (川棚のクスの森) is the common name for the giant camper tree that grows in the Kawahata area in the tow...

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Beppu Benten Pond

Beppu Tennenike is a lake in Yamaguchi prefecture which has been designated Japan's Hundred Great Spring since 1985. Under the su...

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