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Okinawa, Japan

Just back from Okinawa. Truly appreciated fine Japanese culture there. People of all ages are polite and always giving in to peop...

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Sakurazaka Movie Theater

Sakurazaka Theater Originally a live performance theater known as “Sangoza” dating back to 1952, the Sakurazaka Theater is a ch...

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Okinawa Soba “Gon” If you like soba, be prepared to be surprised by Okinawan soba. Okinawan soba is made with thick wheat f...

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Tsuboya Yachimun Street

Given that Yamuchin means ‘pottery’ in Okinawan dialect, it is no surprise that Tsuboya Yamuchin Street boasts the best pottery st...

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Senagajima Umikaji Terrace

With its postcard sunsets, posh hotels and fine eateries, Senagajima Island has the appearance of a Mediterranean resort town. Acc...

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Naminoue Shrine

Located in Naha City and loved by the locals, Naminoue Shrine is known as Nanmin in Okinawa. Many Okinawans choose this popular sp...

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Ryukyu Mura

Ryukyu Village is a theme park where you can experience true-blue Okinawan culture, craft, and food. Its name actually originates ...

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Cape Zanpa

It was approaching the end of the day when my friends and I decided to drop by this popular cape before checking into our hotel, a...

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