14 FEBRUARY - 6 MARCH 2018

At the heart of its beauty are breathtaking Hanami trees that blossom in abundance around the country.

Come discover more about three of Japan’s most enchanting Hanami gardens, plus the attractions that surround them – these treasures make springtime travels that much more exciting.

Then, join our Hanami Treasures Contest where we will be giving away 20 pairs of Gardens by the Bay tickets to experience ‘Sakura Matsuri’, plus $50 Ippudo dining vouchers!


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Disclaimer: Contest is open to JAPAN by Japan members who are Singaporeans, PRs, and holders of employment passes, work permits or dependent passes only.

Simply submit your completed Wanderlist along with a creative caption about your favorite attraction!

Note: Entries without a Hanami park article saved to the Wanderlist, will be disqualified.

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Located in the Tohoku region, the 407-year-old Hirosaki Castle sits majestically in Hirosake Park amidst more than 2,500 Hanami trees.

More splendor awaits throughout the park, with fallen Hanami petals floating along castle moats, cost picnic spots right under blossomed trees, and row boats visitors can rent to paddle along Hanami tree-lined waters. Be sure to catch the annual Hanami festival that's held between April 23 and May 5.


Trekking along the north-facing slope of Yoshino Mountain envelops one in a true Hanami wonderland. Split into four areas from the base to the top of the mountain, Yoshinoyama is covered in approximately 30,000 Hanami trees.

As you travel up the mountain, keep a lookout for Naka Senbon Park which has some of the most beautiful picnicking spots, and Hanayagura View Point in Kami Senbon for an unbeatable view of the mountain top above.


A unique feature of Fukuoka Nishi Park are the pockets of maple trees that sit amongst the park’s 1,300 Hanami trees. This makes for a whimsical sight as seasons change, with pink Hanami blooms in Spring and red maple leaves in Autumn.

Because the park sits uphill, it gives visitors a panoramic view of Fukuoka and Hakata Bay, plus the islands of Nokonoshima and Shikanoshima. Lastly, wrap up your visit with a pit stop at Terumo Shrine.


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