Campaign Overview

JAPAN by Japan website is calling all avid fans of noodles made in Japan! To participate, post your best “noodle” photo you’ve tried in a Japanese restaurant during your visit to Japan on your Instagram account with our campaign’s hashtag – #JbyJnoodlemap. Tell us about your experience and why you love that specific noodle dish! Stand a chance to win a set of famous authentic noodle kit from Japan. There will be two draws conducted during the campaign period, and you can submit multiple entries of different kinds of noodles like Ramen, Soba, Udon, and so on. Join us in our quest as we map all the best noodles in Japan and make your mark on our noodle map!

*Please note that uploaded photos on Instagram may take some time to reflect on the Japan Noodle Map on the website.
*Any uploaded photo without your comment or review is ineligible to win the prize.

*Sign up for JAPAN by Japan to WIN!


Take a Ramen photo

STEP 01 Take photo of noodle in a Japanese restaurant

Launch Instagram App

STEP 02 Sign up JAPAN by Japan for participating campaign. Launch Instagram App. Select or Take a Photo

Post Ramen photo with hashtag and comment

STEP 03 Post photo of noodle with hashtag #JbyJnoodlemap on your personal Instagram account with your experience and why you love that specific noodle dish!

Terms and conditions

Japan National Tourism Organization Singapore Office (hereafter referred to as Organizer) invites you to take part in the JAPAN by Japan, “The Ultimate Noodle Nomad Guide (hereafter referred to as Campaign ).

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or amend the Campaign and the terms and conditions of this Campaign (“Terms and Conditions”) at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be posted on the Site.


  • The Campaign is open only to residents of Singapore except for employees and immediate families of the Organizer, its affiliates, subsidiaries, suppliers, advertising and media agencies associated with this Campaign.
  • Corporations or other entities are not eligible to participate in this Campaign.
  • This Campaign will commence from 6 July 2018 and will end on 30 November 2018 (hereafter referred to as Campaign Period).
  • Entries are deemed void if the Organizer determines that an entry is not original, or if an entry is illegible, incomplete, altered, counterfeit, produced in error or obtained through fraud or theft or duplicated as entered within this Campaign Period. Only entries entered during the Campaign Period are eligible to take part in the Campaign.


  • Assorted set of ICHIRAN Ramen Curly Noodles including Original Red Dry Sauce (worth S$ 25 per set for six pax)
  • Assorted set of Azabu KYUTOKU Inaniwa Gyusuji Curry Udon (worth S$ 40 per set for six pax)
  • Assorted Asakusa Mugitoro Cha-Soba (worth S$ 28 for six pax)
  • Winners must present verifiable identification to redeem his/her prize. The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the entry of the winner who fails to comply.
  • All prizes are non-transferable, non-exchangeable or non-refundable by cash.
  • In the event that the selected winner is ineligible, uncontactable or does not respond within five (5) days to a winner notification, or refuses, the prize will be forfeited and the Organizer, in sole discretion, may choose to award the prize to another participant.
  • All results and decisions made by the Organizer in relation to the Campaign are final. The Organizer will not enter into any correspondence regarding the results. Participants are to acknowledge and accept that there is no intention to create any legal relations between the Organizer and participants of this Campaign, which is a promotional event. Participants who will enter this Campaign hereby waive any legal rights, if any, to enforce against the Organizer, its agents or employees in relation thereto.
  • By accepting the prize, the winner agrees to participate in all reasonable media publicity relating to the event, including but not limited to the awarding of the prize, and before and after the prize has been received. Furthermore, this includes being featured on social media as determined by the sole discretion of the Organizer.

Campaign Rules

  • Submit photos through Instagram starting from 6 July 2018 at to 30 November 2018 at 23:59 hours (GMT +8:00).
  • Each participant may submit multiple entries via their own Instagram account in the following steps:
    1. To be eligible to win the prize, you are required to register as a member of the JAPAN by Japan website .(https://japanbyjapan.com/).
    2. Participants take part by posting the campaign hashtag in their own personal Instagram account in the following format: #JbyJnoodlemap

The relevant posts in Instagram with the aforementioned hashtag will be assessed during selection of winner. Participants are required to include comments in the photo stating their review and personal experience when making a post for this campaign.

  • Participants are required to set their Instagram profile to ‘public’ to enable the Organizer to view their submissions.
  • Participants are allowed to submit multiple entries with the condition that each entry is an original and not a duplicate of a previously posted photo.
  • The Organizer will not accept duplicates of entries.
  • Please note that it may take time for uploaded photos to be reflected in the Campaign website’s Japan Map.
  • The comment should be simultaneously posted with the participant’s photo. As stated previously, any uploaded photo without a comment is not eligible to win the prizes.

Judging Criteria

  • All submissions are subjected to the approval of the Organizer, who has the sole discretion to disqualify any submission, including but not limited to photographs which:
    1. contain obscene, provocative, objectionable, defamatory, inappropriate (comments included), or illegal content;
    2. contain content which is irrelevant to the Campaign;
    3. do not comply with the Terms and Conditions aforementioned; or
    4. are not original works of the participant.
    5. Re-posts of photos taken before the Campaign Period are not eligible for the contest.
  • Evaluation of content will include an assessment on how well the photograph, comments, and accompanying caption evoke emotion and describe the following:
    1. Content
    2. Creativity
  • All images submitted must be the original work of the individual participant and must not have been published elsewhere or have won a prize in any other photographic competition. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that any images submitted have been taken with the permission of any parties involved with the subject. The participant warrants that the photograph they are submitting is their own work and that they own the copyright for it.
  • Copyright in all images submitted in this competition remains with the respective participants. However, in consideration of them providing it for the Campaign, each participant grants a worldwide, irrevocable perpetual license to the Organizer to feature any or all of the submitted images in any of their publications, including the Organizer’s websites, and/or in any promotional material connected to this Campaign.
  • The Organizer does not accept any liability for the publication of unlawfully reproduced images.

Use of Personal Information

  • Any collection, use, and disclosure of the participants’ personal data will be strictly in accordance with the Organizer’s Privacy Policy; a copy of which may be obtained from https://japanbyjapan.com/privacy-policy. By agreeing to participate in this Campaign, participants signify that they have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, the Organizer’s conditions of use in the website and the Organizer’s Privacy Policy.


  • The Organizer shall not be liable for any claims, losses, damages, injuries, and expenses suffered, sustained or incurred (including, but not limited to, indirect, consequential loss including death), or costs incurred due to unforeseen circumstances as a result of, or arising out of, or in any way connected with this Campaign.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to pursue legal action against any individual believed to have undertaken fraudulent activities or other activities harmful to this Campaign, the entry process or the relevant website.
  • If for any reason this Campaign is not capable of running as planned due to infection by computer viruses, bugs, worms, trojan horses, denial of service attacks, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the control of the Organizer that corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of this Campaign, the Organizer reserves the right, at sole discretion, to disqualify any individual(s) who tamper with the entry process, and/or cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend this Campaign.


If you have any inquiries regarding the campaign, please send an email to the e-mail address below. The Campaign office will get back to you as soon as possible.
Email: japanbyjapan@gmail.com

ICHIRAN Ramen Hakata-style Thin Noodle
Includes Original Spicy Red Seasoning

After years of trial and error, ICHIRAN, known to have done the most research in pork-bone broth than any other company in Japan, has perfected a souvenir worthy of its name. This signature ramen is developed in Hakata, agreeably the best of its kind in Japan. It’s a masterpiece of firm and smooth noodles in every slurp. The soup doesn’t have any unpleasant odors, entwined with the natural rich flavor of pork-bone soup – perfect for connoisseurs. Enjoy the harmony of flavors in the comfort of your home.

Allergen Information
Soup: wheat, pork, soy beans
Noodles: wheat
ICHIRAN’s Original Spicy Red Seasoning: None

Ramen awardICHIRAN RamenFukuoka/HakataFor 5 peoples

Azabu KYUTOKU Inaniwa Gyusuji (stewed beef tendons) Curry Udon

Udon Curry Soup with plenty of Japanese beef tendons.
Slow cooking stewed beef tendons infused in tasty udon curry soup, the tender beef melts in your mouth. The full flavoured soup that brings out the Japanese traditional taste of dashi, completes the udon in curry soup.
Made in traditional Akita style, enjoy Inaniwa’s raveling udon as it brings out the flavourful taste of luxuriousness.

Allergen Information
Wheat, Beef, Soy Beans, Chicken

Udon awardInaniwa Gyusuji Curry UdonAkitaFor 4 peoples

Asakusa Mugitoro Cha-Soba Noodle

Kaiseki restaurants are usually expensive. What if you can have kaiseki taste at home?
The Asakusa Mugitoro Cha-Soba is a type of dry buckwheat noodle made of a mixture of Shizuoka specialty Matcha (green tea) and yam. Savour this extravagant noodles with fragrance of Matcha.
The set comes with dry Cha-Soba with special made sauce, allowing you to enjoy it at home.

Allergen Information
Noodles: wheat, Soba
Soup: Soy Bean

Soba awardCha-Soba NoodleTokyo/AsakusaFor 5 peoples

ICHIRAN Dazaifu Sando




Shirakaba Sansou Ramen Republic


DOTONBORI KAMUKURA Kansai International Airport



Hi, I miss Kishimen #jbyjnoodlemap

feilorryさん(@oshavalerie)がシェアした投稿 -


Ichidaigen Katsuta

#飞咯rie #linbuinjapan #jbyjnoodlemap It's always hard to decide between eating ramen or curry rice. So order both~

feilorryさん(@oshavalerie)がシェアした投稿 -


Sato Yoske Shoten Flagship Store


Joudogahama Resthouse


Tokyo An Honten

Can't get enough of Nishin Soba! #jbyjnoodlemap

feilorryさん(@oshavalerie)がシェアした投稿 -


Ginza Kagari




Teuchi Udon Kanouya


Ganso Nagahamaya


Shiroishi Zao Station


Suehiro Ramen Honpo Akita Sannou Honten


Uoichi Ramen Koubou


Sapporo Misono Ramen Republic


Showa Bussan


Ikaho Onsen


Ramen Suika S-PAL Fukushima

盛夏ラーメン。 冷たくて美味しかったです。 #jbyjnoodlemap #飞咯rie

feilorryさん(@oshavalerie)がシェアした投稿 -


Aji no Ramen Akamon

first try on Hokkaido Ramen. yappari i prefer having hard noodles ne. #jbyjnoodlemap #linbuinjapan #飞咯rie

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Tsuruoka City Kamo Aquarium


Reimen Sakura

#盛岡冷面 Best eaten with yakiniku #jbyjnoodlemap #linbuinjapan #飞咯rie

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