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Ultimate Japanese Cooking Class for Beginners!

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Japanese food has always been a favourite to many nationalities. Singaporeans are no exception. To enjoy it at a restaurant is one thing but to cook it yourself at home is another.

Join us in our Ultimate Japanese Cooking Class tailor-made for all beginners and it is even suitable for your Helpers to join too!
Students learn about 4 to 5 recipes per session (18 recipes in total) through practical training, including hygiene concepts, how to make stock, how to cook rice, boiled dishes, fried dishes, sushi, side dishes, party menus, and desserts.

We named this class “Ultimate” because the class structure has been planned in a way that the correct taste of Japanese food can be reproduced at home.

Number of participants:
3 per class

Participants Level:


Chiyomi Kawasaki (native Japanese)

[Three major benefits ]
①After the event, we will create a group chat for 4 months, and participants can follow-up to ask questions.
② Issue certificate
(Helpers will be confident!)
③Exclusive gift from instructor Chiyomi Kawasaki Sensei! – Self-produced sushi vinegar!

This class is made up of the passion of the instructor and Team Spoonful’s enthusiasm.“We want to convey the right message”, and as a company that supports the philosophy of SDG’s 2030 goals, we teach students how to avoid Food Waste when it comes to food preparation and cooking.

Presented by Spoonful
20 May 2021 to 20 May 2022
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Contact : info@alchemist.sg