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The Ideal Itinerary in Mie prefecture, Japan

Mie Prefecture is located in the middle of Honshu, Japan. The eastern side of the prefecture faces the sea and its western side faces the mountains. This prefecture is well known not only for its delicious seafood such as lobster and oysters, but Mie is also home to the cattles giving you the famous Matsusaka beef.

Below is an ideal 4 Day 3 Night itinerary for covering many attractions of Mie, making the most of this campaign prize.


★Campaign Prize (Admission Tickets)

This new airline theme park is located within short walking distance after you come out of the arrival lobby of the Chubu International Airport. The main draw is that this airport displays the first ever Boeing 787. Do not miss the “FLIGHT PARK” which utilizes the popular “Team Lab” technology to create digital content providing you refreshing enjoyment and experiences.


Especially if you are a beef lover, Matsusaka beef, which is one of the local specialties of Mie Prefecture and also one of Japan’s three top Japanese beefs. Fret not, affordable lunch whereby you can have your fill of the famed beef are also available. Please try the sukiyaki and yakiniku. Steak would also make a good choice.

Here are some recommended restaurants where you can enjoy Matsusaka beef (these restaurants are within a 10-minute walk from Matsusaka Station):


Gyugi Honten



Matsusaka Beef Lunch

★Campaign Prize(accommodation;breakfast and a room with open-air bath)

Here, there are several options of onsen baths to rest and heal your tired body. The hotel has 3 outdoor baths and 1 large public bath surrounded by nature, facing the Kumano Sea. If you do not feel comfortable with public bath, you can enjoy the open-air bath in your room instead.

For dinner, you can enjoy a seafood dinner freshly caught from Kumano Pass, a treasure trove of delicious seafood. You can enjoy your meal prepared in a variety of ways, from fresh sashimi to grilled and boiled. The chef goes down to the port every day to get the freshest, seasonal catches to delight you.

Dinner at Hotel Toki no ZA


Hotel Tokinoza also has breakfast buffet to provide you with energy boost for your adventure. If you miss the fresh fishes at the dinner the night before, you can still taste them at your first meal of the day.The shuttle bus will take you to stroll along the Tatakase promenade to see the spectacular view of the Kumano Pass. You can enjoy fishing nearby as well.

Ise Jingu


It is said that the home of the hearts of the Japanese is “Ise Jingu.” With a rich history of over 2000 years, Ise Jingu (Ise Shrine) is not just a single shrine but comprises 125 shrines, with the main shrines focusing on Geku and Naiku. Naiku is one of Ise Jingu’s most famous spots. You can commune with nature by strolling along the paths surrounded by gigantic, old trees.

You can then stroll to Okage Yokocho, the reproduced town with architectures from the Meiji and Edo periods. Here, you should try Ise’s unique “Ise udon” and oyster dishes. Ise udon noodles are very chewy and soft and, are served in a sweet and savoury sauce. Other delicious local street food which you should try would be fish cake which has cheese in it, croquette, Fukuman (with Matsusaka beef in it), freshly baked dumplings, Yokocho yaki (a type of taiyaki) and, Matsusaka beef skewers.

More Information about Okage Yokocho

Pearl Falco

★Campaign Prize ( accessory-making experience)

Pearl Falco, a pearl jewellery company with its headquarter in Shima, Mie Prefecture and a branch in Singapore. At its HQ, you can try to make your own pearl accessory (reservation required).

Dinner at Toba Kokusai Hotel

★Campaign Prize(accommodation; breakfast and a room)

The second accommodation in this campaign is a comfortable and luxury hotel. Dinner at the hotel restaurant can cater to your personal taste. Not only do they have Japanese cuisine and teppanyaki, but French as well. All the dishes are made using fresh ingredients found in Mie Prefecture. Please note that teppanyaki can only be ordered ahead of time with a reservation. If you would be the lucky winner and interested in this, please let us know!


Mikimoto was the first in the world to succeed in cultivating pearls. The island was named after the founder Kokichi Mikimoto. At this spot, The Pearl Museum and Pearl Plaza are great places to enjoy jewellery displays and shopping. You can also get to see live diving demonstration by the Ama ladies. Without diving gears, Ama ladies submerge into the waters to get seafood and, oysters for pearl. This is the only place where you can see the female divers in their traditional white diving gear, so please check it out.

★Campaign Prize (Admission Tickets)

Toba Aquarium is divided into 12 different zones according to the types of aquatic creatures and the environment in which they live in. In addition to sea and river fishes, the aquarium is home to lots of other aquatic creatures as well. Toba Aquarium is housing a massive number of about 1,200 other creatures such as sea otters, dugong (a type of manatee), jellyfish, and deep-sea creatures. There are also sea lion shows and walrus touching experiences!

Toba Aquarium

★Campaign Prize (lunch meal: deluxe seafood set)

Ama is a traditional Japanese culture where women fish and free dive for high quality abalone and turban shells. Enjoy a luxurious experience of eating fresh seafood while listening to stories from current Ama divers in a real Ama hut.

Lunch at Hachimankamado

Shima Mediterranean Village

★Campaign Prize(accommodation; breakfast and a room)

A Mediterranean resort facility that is surrounded by the nature beauty of Shima, and the contrast between the vivid blue and white streets of the town is mesmerizing. Even though you are still in Japan, you feel as though you have been transported to the Mediterranean. Enjoy dinner at the village restaurant Rias by Kokotxa. Rias is partnered with San Sebastian’s restaurant with Michelin 1 star. As this restaurant is very popular, reservation is required.


After breakfast, please feel free to stroll around the grounds, go to the spa, and relax.

Unagi in Mie Prefecture is also well known among the other seafood. In 2019, Higashiyama Bussan near the Ugata Station has received a Bib Gourmand award. , After enjoying the delicious unagi, you can travel to Osaka where Kansai international Airport is located. Of course, from there you can choose to stay and pursue in the quest for Osaka gourmet and sightseeing.