Wanko Soba Noodles

Wanko soba noodles is a dish that is exclusive to the Iwate prefecture. Small servings of soba noodles, about the size of one mouthful, are served by a staff standing next to you. It takes about 15 bowls to equate to a regular serving of soba.

Once you are feeling full, quickly cover the bowl with the lid otherwise it will get refilled with another mouthful of soba. The average number of bowls eaten is about 50. Wanko soba is served with various condiments such as daikon radish, crushed walnuts, mushrooms, sashimi, pickles, wasabi and salmon roe.

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    Azumaya Honten Wanko Soba | Japan, 〒020-0023 Iwate-ken, Morioka-shi, Uchimaru, 17−40
    Tel: +81-(0)120-733-130

    Opening Hours: 11am to 3.30pm and 5pm to 8pm

    From JR Morioka Station, take the Fixed Route Bus to Kencho-Shiyakushomae Bus Stop and walk for about 3 minutes.

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