Osaka Pitstops

By Tan Han Yang

Posted 2/22/17 ago

This wanderlist contains my top 5 attractions in Osaka, which are all covered by the Osaka Amazing Pass. So anyone visiting Osaka can easily check them out while on their 1/2 day itinerary while on the Pass, which covers all the costs of the attractions I have listed, and on top of that, all the public transport to and from the attractions will be covered by the pass as well!

I've listed a few archaic attractions which should provide the avid traveler some peace from the crowds, and all of the attractions allow for uninterrupted contemplation and a break from the hustle and bustle of Osaka City.

Which means that you can visit all 5 of the attractions within 1 or 2 days, and the total expenditure for visiting the attractions and transport will only cost a maximum of 3000 yen (<$40)!

The Osaka Amazing Pass also includes a bunch of Toku-Toku (good deals) tickets which can be used at many locations to get discounts on dining or shopping, which will help you save on costs for meals and gifts!

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