By Tan Han Yang

Posted 2/19/17 ago

I named my list Wonderlist because I've been to Japan 6 times already, almost once every year since 2010, and to date, it still doesn't feel like it's enough for me to truly experience Japanese culture and natural beauty. Each time I've gone to Japan, I've left yearning to return to explore even more, and I leave the country in awe and wonderment. I've personally striven to seek out attractions that are truly off the beaten track, and I've posted some of them onto the web page. So I hope that by winning this contest, I am once again given another opportunity to return to Japan to seek out more amazing adventures.

I have experienced so much in Japan, and I wish to experience so much more because I know that there is plenty left hidden in the vast expanse of the entire country. If I won I would find out even more "secret" location in Japan and share it on this website so more people will know about the secret wonders of Japan and visit them as well!

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