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Luxurious Kyushu Train Adventure

Travel from Hakata to Yufuin on the Forest Train

Relax in the greenery and
savour the gourmet food of Kyushu

Feel like you are one with nature as you travel from Hakata to Yufuin on the Forest Train. Be surrounded by surreal nature for its beauty will mesmerize and heal you. Give yourself the chance to relax and forget all your worries as you explore the treasures of Yufuin.

Day 1

Yufuin No Mori JR Kyushu Train Yufuin No Mori JR Kyushu Train

10:24 Hop onto the Yufuin no Mori Train at Hakata Station

With Yufuin no Mori, you will be taken on a therapeutic journey during your trip in Kyushu. The train takes a roundtrip from Hakata to Yufuin and Beppu daily. It has 8 stops with Yufuin Station as its highlight being a famous onsen (hot springs) destination. The train’s emerald green exterior reflects the lush greenery surrounding its route, creating an impression of being one with nature. It has either 4 or 5 cars in total, each with ample space to have a stroll around to enjoy different perspectives of nature.

Interiors of Yufuin No Mori Train

The Yufuin no Mori train is well worth the trip on its own as its interior already makes you feel like you’re in a hot spring resort. Its elevated deck and broad glass windows help you get a panoramic view of the scenic landscape as compared to the common build of a standard train. The interior is adorned with traditional wooden furnishings and emerald green details to give off a warm and welcoming atmosphere to its passengers. Enjoy a glass of your favourite beverage at the bar or satisfy your cravings with an exclusive mouth-watering and colourful bento (Japanese-style lunch box).


Interiors of Yufuin No Mori Train Interiors of Yufuin No Mori Train

12:32 Yufuin Station
* Leave your luggage at the station locker

Down Arrow Icon Taxi, 5 mins

13:00 Kinrin Lake

Yufuin takes pride in the majestic beauty of Kinrin Lake during the autumn season. Its name in Japanese means “gold scales”, coined by a Confucius monk who described that the lake’s surface was glittering like gold when the scales of the fish reflect the sunset colours. Aside from its namesake, Kinrin Lake is famous for the misty shroud that surrounds it. The mist is a natural phenomenon attributing to the high water temperature caused by the hot springs beneath the lake. The steam becomes very visible when the surrounding temperature drops, thus creating a mysterious yet peaceful atmosphere with the velvety autumn hues.

Kinrin Lake Yufuin

Yunotsubo Kaido Street

Feel the charm of Yunotsubo Kaido as you experience the warm hospitality of its locals and the unique variety of shops and restaurants that line its street. The calming greenery and laidback scene take away your worries as you leisurely stroll along to explore the shops or sample the taste of local delicacies.


Yunotsubo Kaido Street Yufuin

Down Arrow Icon Walk, 5 mins

Yufuin Station

Down Arrow Icon Taxi, 10 mins

15:00 Yufuin Gettouan Yufuin Onsen

Yufuin Gettouan Yufuin Onsen

Rest those tired muscles and retreat into one of the luxurious villas of Yufuin Gettouan. Each villa is designed with tatami floors and traditional Japanese windows, not to mention a private open-air bath. It’s stunning during night time as the moonlight shines on the landscape’s natural beauty. Let the sounds of nature soothe you as you relax in your bath and take in the view. Finish the night with a sumptuous meal that’s pleasing not only to the eyes but also to your taste buds. The delicate, sophisticated flavours created from seasonal local ingredients will leave you satisfied both in mind and body.


Yufuin Gettouan Yufuin Onsen a sumptuous meal at Yufuin Gettouan Yufuin Onsen

Day 2

Yufuin Floral Village Yufuin Floral Village

10:00 Check out

Down Arrow Icon Shuttle Bus


Located in a quaint town in Oita Prefecture, Yufuin Floral Village embodies the old English ambience of Cotswold in England where the famous Harry Potter franchise was filmed. The honey-coloured houses with their vintage aesthetics create a quintessential English countryside. Aside from the Harry Potter series, part of its charms is its reference to other famous movies like Peter Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland, and Japan’s very own Kiki’s Delivery Service. Nature boasts its abundance here as you stroll along its cosy streets with thatched-roof houses adorned with beautiful seasonal flowers.



Down Arrow Icon Shuttle Bus

13:00 Yufu Mabushi Sin

Yufu Mabushi Sin specializes in mabushi gohan, a rice bowl with meat toppings. All the ingredients used are local, so you won’t find this particular delicacy anywhere else. There are three variations for the meat toppings: chicken, beef, and eel. Served in a traditional clay pot, each set is a generous serving with side dishes which include pickled vegetables and red miso soup. You can choose from the various condiments to enrich the flavours in each mouthful. The best way to enjoy this dish is in three ways. Firstly, taste the original flavour by having it from a separate small bowl. Next, add a drizzle of spices and pickles on top. Lastly, pour dashi (soup stock) on the remaining portion and eat it as ochazuke.


Yufu Mabushi Sin Mabushi Gohan Rice Bowl With Meat Toppings

Down Arrow Icon Walk, 2 mins

14:10 Yufuin Station

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