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What are the benefits of becoming a member of JBYJ community website?
As a member of JbyJ, you will be joining our community of Japan lovers; you will be able to participate and engage in fun, informative campaigns about Japan, and also get privileges like exclusive invites to JNTO events and promotions, participation in online lotteries to win great prizes, and you can take advantage of exclusive promotions and benefits for your Japan travel.
How do I participate in the online lottery, voting or survey?
The announcement for online lottery and survey, as well as the instructions on how to participate, will be sent to only members via the EDM. The announcement will also be made on JbyJ homepage. As for voting, announcements and instructions will be made when there are campaigns, so please keep a look out of our website. Members will have to log into their accounts in order to participate.
How do I get points from JNTO events?
Each member will be issued with a unique QR code which can be found in his/her profile upon login. Present this QR code to JNTO staff at an event to accumulate the points.
How will I know if I have received the points?
The points system will be updated daily, so members can check their own account to see that points for their activities on the JbyJ community site are reflected the following day.
How do I use the JbyJ website when I am in Japan?
When in Japan, members can make good use of local promotions and happenings simply by logging into JbyJ site or app. Each member’s ‘My Profile’ page will show a map of Japan which will be automatically checked in at his/her current location by prefecture if geo-location tagging has been enabled; alternatively, members can manually check in on the map to see the promotions or happenings nearby.

For the auto check-in in Japan to work, you have to enable automatic geo-tagging (turn on location tracking on your mobile phone and permit GPS tracking by JbJ on your member profile setting) in order to get 1,000 points (only once per month). Do note that members will have to check-in at major airports and port harbours in Japan to receive the points. No need to fret when you encounter an issue with the check-in as you can write in to [email protected] to seek help.
How do members get informed on updates on the JbyJ website?
Members will receive exclusive electronic direct mailers (EDM) regularly from JbyJ. These EDMs will feature the latest articles, tips, or happenings on the JbyJ website. Members who open the EDM will be awarded 10 points, plus 10 additional points for clicking links contained within the EDM – 10 points will be awarded (once only) per link clicked. Please remember that the points can only be registered if the member has logged into their JbyJ account beforehand.
How often is the online lottery held?
From 2022 onwards, the lottery will be held annually. However, as each lottery will be announced via EDM, please look out for the updates.
What is the difference between Membership Tier and Membership Status?
Membership Tier corresponds to the total current points available, as reflected in members’ ‘My Points’ section, and these points will expire in December 2021. These points allow members to participate in the online lottery – 500 points are required per entry into the lottery. From 2022 onwards, members can accumulate points each year to participate in yearly lottery. Based on the number of points collected, members are segregated into the three tiers: Bronze (0-1,999 points), Silver (2,000-2,999 points), and Gold (3,000-3,999 points) – only Silver and Gold members are eligible to participate in the lottery.

Membership Status corresponds to the total lifetime points accumulated, as reflected in members’ ‘My Cumulative Points’ section, and overall accumulated points do not expire. These points will categorise members as Japan Newbie (0~2,999 points), Japan Lover (3,000~4,999 points), Japan Fanatic (5,000~7,999 points), Japan Expert (8,000~9,999 points) and Japan Master (more than 10,000 points). These points are not eligible for the online lottery.
Do you have a mobile app?
Members who log in to their JbyJ accounts via smartphones can download a mobile-friendly app which gives direct access to the JbyJ website contents and features, as well as the access to beneficial information – such as location of Wi-Fi access, transport information, etc – while travelling in Japan. Members can remain in logged-in status for 30 days unless signed out. The app also remembers individual member’s browsed contents, so such contents can subsequently be accessed again without internet connection.
Can points be transferred?
No, points accumulated by a member are not transferable to another member. All membership points will be lost if a member chooses to terminate his/her membership.
How do I terminate my membership?
You can terminate your membership by clicking on this link here.
How do I contact to JAPAN by Japan office?
You can email to [email protected]