Q: Why do I need to sign up for an account?

A: So you can be part of a Japan-loving community; see the best of Japan based on your interests, view and manage your account, create and save wanderlists, and so much more. Also, it’s completely free!

Adding An Attraction or Review

Q: I am not Japanese. Can I still submit a new attraction?

A: Absolutely, yes! JAPAN by Japan is created for travellers near and far.

Q: I found information on an attraction or review that’s factually incorrect. How can I provide feedback?

A: Great eye! You can click on the ‘report this attraction’ or ‘report this review’ button on the respective pages.

Q: How often can I submit an attraction or review?

A: As often as you like. We appreciate the time and effort taken to share your experiences.

Q: Can I remove my submitted attraction or review?

A: Yes you can, if no one has commented on it.

Q: Will I see my review on another website or publication?

A: You just might! From time to time, we feature some of our favourite reviews on websites and in publications of selected partners we work with.

Q: How soon will my review be posted?

A: (Almost at) The moment you click on the ‘submit’ button.

Q: I still don’t see my review.

A: Whoops! Please send us a message and we’ll see that it appears soon.

Q: I’m a business representative of a featured establishment. How can I respond to a negative review?

A: Just send us a message and we can work together to make it right.

Q: How can I remove an attraction that no longer exists?

A: Bummer. Do send us a message and we’ll be happy to help!


Q: What is a Wanderlist?

A: A compendium of travel to-dos, attractions to visit, vacation goals! Think travel wish list filled with ideas and plans you can check off and add on anytime.

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