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Discover Japan with our past JbyJ Events

JbyJ events are a fun way for our members to indulge in your love for Japan while uncovering new places and experiences for the future.

If you have missed the previous JbyJ events, take a look below at some of the various activities our members enjoyed during the events. Sign up as a member today to stay up to date with the latest happenings of the JbyJ community!

Find Your Adventure

Date: 19 Mar 2022

20 members participated in “Find Your Adventure” whereby they venture into the various options available in Japan when it comes to customizing their local outdoor experience. Be it glamping, hiking, or even cycling, participants could see how they could enjoy their very own outdoor adventure during the event held by Michi & Co and JNTO Singapore Office. At the time when Japan travel was still halted, the event also provided a Japanese-culture opportunity whereby participants had a go at tea ceremony with some delicate, delicious seasonal treats.

Find Your Adventure in Japan
Our Japan Wedding Event Activities

Our Japan Wedding

Date: 17 Jul 2022

17 members together with their partner attended "Our Japan Wedding", an event held to celebrate their union (some were upcoming) and for sharing wedding-related content – from pre-wedding photoshoots to recommended honeymoon spots – to help them explore their wedding options in Japan. Held at Alcove Caldwell House, the couples not only got hold of trendy information from Watabe Wedding, Follow me Japan, the Okinawa Prefectural Office and JNTO Singapore Office at the event, they also painted their own pair of Shisa figurines; female Shisa with its mouth closed to keep in good fortune while male Shisa with its open mouth keeps the evil spirits away. Couple photos were also taken along with their completed pieces as memorabilia.

JbyJ Members' Year End Celebration 2022

Date: 10 December 2022

21 members participated in the JbyJ Members’ Year End Celebration, organized by JNTO Singapore Office, Ishikawa Prefecture and JFOODO, where they gathered for a bounenkai (a traditional Japanese party) and were treated to delicious sake from Ishikawa Prefecture. They were guided by master sake sommelier Mr Joshua Kalinan, who took the members through the appreciating of different types of Ishikawa sake – with familiar Singapore dishes. Not only did they enjoy the sake, they learnt about the beautiful spots of Ishikawa Prefecture, took home the sake cups they drank from as a momento, received gifts and had photo opportunities with fellow sake and Japan lovers – what a special, fun way to end the year!

Find Your Adventure in Japan