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Explore Magnificent Okayama & Shikoku

Take in some of the most splendid sights in Okayama and Shikoku with a tour that takes you through picturesque historic towns and sweeping magical landscapes as you explore the region on railways, roads, and waterways.

Okayama and Shikoku road Map



11:16 Kansai International Airport

Train (49min)

11:18 Shin-Osaka Station

Shinkansen train (49min)

12:30 Okayama Station

Train (17min)

12:47 Lunch at Kurashiki Station

Walk (10min)

14:30 Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter

A picturesque historic town famous for its canal lined with weeping willow trees and Edo-era storehouses.

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Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter Japan
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15:30 Kurashiki Canal Traditional Boat Tour

Kurashiki Canal Traditional Boat Tour Japan
Walk (2min)

16:00 Mokugeisya (Kurashiki Glass)

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Walk (6min)

16:30 Hashimaya Cafe

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Stay in Kurashiki


8:26 Kurashiki Station

Train (49min)

9:15 Kojima Station

Public Bus (30min)

9:59 Mt. Washuzan

Mt. Washuzan has observation decks where you can appreciate the beauty of the islands of the Shiwaku archipelago spread out across the tranquil Seto Inland Sea, as well as the majestic Seto Ohashi Bridge which spans five of the islands.

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Mount Washuzan Daini Tenboudai Japan
Public Bus (30min)

11:36 Kojima Station

Train (31min)

12:07 Takamatsu Station (Purchasing ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass and lunch)12:07 Takamatsu Station (Purchasing ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass and lunch)

[Good Deal] ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass
The All Shikoku Pass is valid on most public transportation services on Shikoku, including most trains and trams, as well as the Shodoshima Ferry and Olive Bus. The 3-day, 4-day, 5-day, and 7-day passes are available at ¥9,000, ¥10,000, ¥11,000 and ¥13,000 (¥500 more if purchased in Japan) respectively.

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Walk (5min)

13:40 Take the ferry from Takamatsu Port

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Ferry (1hr)

14:40 Shodoshima

Public Bus (20min)

15:00 Angel Road

Connecting Shodoshima and three islets, Angel Road is a golden sandbar that appears twice daily at low tides. Couples would walk along this sandbar while holding hands in the hopes of eternal love, and hang wooden votives inscribed with their wishes on a tree on one of the islets.

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Angel Road Connecting Shodoshima and Three Islets
Walk (10min)

16:00 Maze town

Meiro no Machi, or "maze town," in Tonosho is famous for its complicated labyrinth of winding alleys designed to protect residents from marauding Edo-era pirates.

Maze Town in Tonosho Japan
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Stay in Shodoshima


8:35 Shodoshima

Ferry (1hr)

9:35 Takamatsu Port

Walk (7min)

9:52 Takamatsu Station

Train (49min)

10:41 Kotohira Station

10:48 Board the Shikoku Mannaka Sennen Monogatari

This luxury sightseeing train takes you past some of Shikoku's magnificent landscapes, from the beautiful Sanuki plains to the breathtaking Oboke Gorge, as you enjoy a carefully curated local cuisine on board. Reservations mandatory.

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Shikoku Mannaka Sennen Monogatari Luxury Sightseeing Trains in Japan
Train (2hr 8min)

12:56 Oboke Station

Public Bus (30min)

13:45 Vine Bridges of the Iya Valley

Towards the end of the 12th century, the idyllic and remote Iya Valley served as a refuge for exiled samurai who navigated this misty valley via a series of 13 vine suspension bridges. Today only three of the bridges exist, of which the 45m-long Iya Kazurabashi is the largest.

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Vine Bridges in the Iya Valley Japan
Public Bus (1hr)

15:38 Oboke Gorge

Walk (15min)

15:45 Hotel Obokekyo Mannaka

16:20 Oboke Gorge Pleasure Cruise by Hotel Obokekyo Mannaka16:20 Oboke Gorge Pleasure Cruise by Hotel Obokekyo Mannaka

Hop onto a 30-minute riverboat cruise through the picturesque Oboke canyon and appreciate its charm as you relax in tatami-styled comfort. Enjoy the beauty of the seasons - from sakura in spring to the foliage of fall - as you float gently along this emerald-tinted river.

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Oboke Gorge Pleasure Cruise at Kyokokunoyuyado Obokekyo Mannaka
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Stay in Oboke


8:49 Oboke Station

Train (2hr 43m)

11:32 Nakamura Station (Rent a car)

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Rental Car (25min)

12:25 Shimanto River (Chinkabashi)

Located deep in the heart of Shikoku, the Shimanto River is famous for its crystal clear water. It is criss-crossed by 22 iconic chinkabashi - submersible bridges that are specially designed without side rails in order to reduce the risk of being washed away during a flood.

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Shimanto River Chinkabashi Japan

13:15 withRIVER

Canoe or standup boarding (SUP) on Shimanto River with withRIVER

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Canoe on Shimanto River With WithRiver
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Stay in Shimanto City


9:00 Ochakuri Cafe

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Ochakuri Cafe Japan
Rental Car (1hr 40min)

12:00 Tengusou (Lunch)

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Tenguso Restaurant Japan
Rental Car (10min)

13:15 Shikoku Karst

The Shikoku Karst is a driving route that takes you through a magical land. At an elevation of over 1,000m, the plateau offers grand panoramas of sweeping grasslands scattered with white limestone mounds, with the Atlantic Ocean in the distance. Try and spot cows grazing in this pastoral landscape.

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Shikoku Karst Japan
Rental Car (3hr 15min)

16:30 Return car at rental car shop at Matsuyama City

Walk (4min)

17:09 JR Matsuyama Station

Tram (25min)

17:34 Dogo Onsen Station

Walk (5min)

17:40 Dogo Onsen

Get spirited away in this charming bathhouse - as one of Japan's oldest, it is deserving of its prestige as a bathhouse for the Imperial Family.

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Dogo Onsen Japan


9:15 Matsuyama Station

Train (2hr 55min)

12:23 Okayama Station

Shinkansen train (44min)

13:30 Shin-Osaka Station

Train (50min)

14:20 Kansai International Airport


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