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応募期間:2021年7月12日(月) – 8月11日(水)



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    #SJ55SG と下記のカテゴリーハッシュタグの中から該当するジャンルのハッシュタグを記入して投稿して下さい。


    • #foodie
    • #explore
    • #view
    • #culture
    • #fun


    #SJ55JP と撮影地の都道府県名をハッシュタグとして記載して投稿して下さい。​

    • (例)
    • #tokyo
    • #osaka
    • #hokkaido
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Japan Gallery賞​

  • マーライオンダルマ


  • TWGシンガポール


  • SJ55 オリジナル


Singapore Gallery賞​

  • 源吉兆庵 抹茶餅


  • ROYCE ピュアチョコレート


Campaign Terms and Conditions

Japan National Tourism Organization Singapore Office (hereafter referred to as Organizer) invites you to take part in the JAPAN by Japan's "SJ55 Reimagine SNS Campaign" (hereafter referred to as Campaign).
The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or amend the Campaign and the terms and conditions of this Campaign ("Terms and Conditions") at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be posted on the website.

Terms and Conditions


  • The Campaign is open only to Participants who are either residents of Singapore or residents of Japan and are at least 21 years old. Employees and immediate families of the Organizer, its affiliates, subsidiaries, suppliers, and advertising and media agencies associated with this Campaign are not eligible to participate.
  • Corporations or other entities are not eligible to participate in this Campaign. Only individual Participants are eligible to participate.
  • The Campaign is open to all registered members of the JAPAN by Japan website; hence Participants must sign up on the website to join as a JAPAN by Japan member.
  • Each Participant can only enter the Campaign with his/her registered email address (i.e., each Participant can only have one registered email address for the Campaign). Entries from the same individual Participant using multiple registered email addresses are not allowed. If the Participant is deemed fraudulent, the Organizer reserves the right to remove the Participant from the Campaign without any prior notice.

Campaign Rules

  • The Campaign is from 12 July until 11 August, 2021 (hereafter referred to as Campaign Period).
  • By participating in the Campaign, Participants are deemed to have fully read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Campaign.
  • During the Campaign Period, Participants participating in the Singapore Gallery must post their original photos of their recommended or favourite spots in Singapore on their Instagram account with the respective Campaign hashtags (see immediately below).
  • During the Campaign Period, Participants participating in the Japan Gallery must post their original photos of their recommended or favourite spots in Japan on their Instagram account with the respective Campaign hashtags (see immediately below).
  • Each Participant can participate in the Campaign by submitting photo(s) via their Instagram account through the following steps:
    1. 1. Launch Instagram, and the Participant can upload as many photos as he/she likes that comply with the Campaign rules.
    2. 2. Post the photos with the following relevant hashtags
      • a. For Singapore spot – use #SJ55SG and include its corresponding category/theme: #scenery, #sweets, #dining, or #activity, etc.
      • b. For Japan spot – use #SJ55JP and include its corresponding #prefecture
    3. 3. Check the Photo Gallery of the Campaign to confirm that the photo(s) was(were) posted correctly.
  • Submitted photos are deemed void if the Organizer determines that an entry is not original, or if an entry is illegible, incomplete, altered, counterfeit, produced in error or obtained through fraud or theft or duplicated even if the submission was completed during the Campaign Period. Only photos posted during the Campaign Period are eligible to take part in and be considered for the Campaign.
  • Participants are required to set their Instagram profile to 'public' to enable the Organizer to view their submissions.
  • Participants can submit multiple entries with the condition that each entry is an original and not a duplicate of a previously posted photo.
  • Please note that it may take time for the photos (i.e. the submitted photos) to be reflected on the Campaign website.
  • All submitted photos must be the Participant's original work and must not have been published elsewhere and/or have won a prize in any other photography competition. The Participant warrants that the photo(s) submitted for this Campaign is(are) his/her own work and that he/she owns the copyright for it(them).
  • It is the responsibility of each Participant to ensure that any photo submitted has been taken with the permission of any parties involved with the subject.
  • Copyright of all photos submitted in this Campaign remains with the respective Participant. However, in consideration of the photos being provided for the Campaign, each Participant grants a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual license to the Organizer to feature any or all the submitted photos in any of their publications, including the Organizer's websites, and/or in any promotional material connected to this Campaign.
  • By joining and participating in the Campaign, the Participant agrees to all reasonable media publicity relating to the event, including being featured on social media as determined by the Organizer's sole discretion.
  • The Organizer does not accept any liability for the publication of any unlawfully reproduced images.
  • All results and decisions made by the Organizer in relation to the Campaign are final. The Organizer will not enter into any correspondence regarding the results.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to pursue legal action against any individual and any Participant believed to have undertaken any fraudulent activities or any other activities harmful to the Campaign and/or the Organizer, the entry process or the relevant websites.
  • Participants acknowledge and accept that there is no intention to create any legal relations between the Organizer and Participants of the Campaign, which is a promotional event. Participants who enter the Campaign hereby waive any legal rights, if any, to enforce against the Organizer, its agents or employees in relation thereto.
  • If for any reason the Campaign is not capable of running as planned due to computer viruses, bugs, worms (malware), trojan horses, denial of service attacks, hacking, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the control of the Organizer that corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of the Campaign, the Organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual and any Participant who tamper with the entry process, and/or cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the Campaign.

Selection of Winners

  • A random lottery draw will decide the Winners of the Campaign. The lucky draw will be conducted with the entire pool of Entries by the Organizer.
  • The selection process is solely at the discretion of the Organizer.


  • Winners will each be notified via Instagram Direct Message by the Campaign Office.
  • Corresponding winners will each receive the following:
    • - Japan Gallery Winners:
      • - Merlion Daruma (5 winners)
      • - TWG Singapore Breakfast Tea (5 winners)
      • - SJ55 Hygiene Set (5 winners)
    • - Singapore Gallery Winners:
      • - Minamoto Kitchen Maccha mochi (5 winners)
      • - Royce Colombia Bitter & Colombia Milk (5 winners)
  • Winners must be present at the Awards Ceremony (to be held in August; date to be confirmed by Organizer and may be subject to change or cancellation) in order to claim the Prizes. In the event that the Winners are ineligible, uncontactable, unable to attend the Awards Ceremony, or refuse to accept the prize(s), the Organizer, in its sole discretion, may choose to award the prizes to other eligible participants.
  • Each Winner must present verifiable identification to redeem his/her Prize. The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any winner who fails to comply.
  • All Prizes are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable by cash.

Use of Personal Information

  • Any collection, use, and disclosure of the Participants' data will be strictly in accordance with the Organizer's Privacy Policy, a copy of which may be obtained from https://japanbyjapan.com/privacy-policy. By agreeing to participate in this Campaign, Participants signify that they have fully read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, the Organizer's conditions of use of the website, and the Organizer's Privacy Policy.


  • The Organizer is not liable for any claims, losses, damages, injuries, and expenses suffered, sustained or incurred, including, but not limited to, indirect, consequential loss including death, any costs incurred due to unforeseen circumstances as a result of, or arising out of, or in any way connected with the Campaign.
  • The Organizer is not liable for network connection expenses caused by system errors or failures in the campaign website. Participants will shoulder any fees incurred during gameplay (i.e., internet connection).


If you have any enquiry regarding the Campaign, please contact our Campaign Office via the email address below. The Campaign Office will get back to you as soon as possible.

Email: enquiry@japanbyjapan.com


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