W hen it comes to travelling around Japan conveniently and cost-effectively, there is no better way than using the train!
The multitude of train lines that criss-cross across Japan may seem complex at first, but once you master it, you will have one of the world’s most efficient railway systems on your side.
While you're using it as a means of transportation, clear yourself from other distractions to truly enjoy a scenic railway ride where the train itself is a part of the destination - you are hopping on for a memorable journey.
Get aboard the train in Japan and experience great new sights, delicious food, amazing people, and so much more.

Ride on the Local Lines

Sometimes train travel is not just about getting from point A to point B; the highlight is the journey itself. Japan boasts a variety of local railway lines that run through breathtaking sceneries which you would not want to miss out on. From the food served on the train to simply watching how others live away from the city bustle during your stops at each station, the train ride will introduce you to a side of Japan you have yet to discover. Check out the itinerary for an overnight trip on the Watarase Keikoku Railway, and a brief overview of six unique railway lines that are also a delight to ride.

JR Train Lines

Discover the picturesque routes the various Japan Railway (JR) lines have to offer as well as special discounted tickets accessible only to international visitors!

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Have you ever taken a train in Japan and were blown away by the view from the window, or enjoyed a delicious eki-ben (train station lunchbox) onboard? Maybe you’re a fan of trains and have captured the sleek train cars and beautiful interior on camera. Share those memories of your train travel experience in Japan and stand a chance to win a $1,000 travel voucher! Your photos may be just the inspiration someone needed for their next trip to Japan!


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