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Omiyage Photo Contest Share your favourite souvenir from Japan 26 Nov, 2021 - 9 Jan, 2022Omiyage Photo Contest Share your favourite souvenir from Japan 26 Nov, 2021 - 9 Jan, 2022

About Omiyage Photo Contest

Omiyage in Japanese means souvenir. Buying and gifting omiyage is a deeply rooted culture in Japan. It is a common practice where you buy gifts for family, friends, and co-workers on a trip. If you are a fan of Japan, you would very likely be familiar with the practice and have even done so yourself.

We'd love to know about your favourite Japanese omiyage! Share with us photos of your favourite, unforgettable omiyage from Japan via Instagram. Regardless whether you bought one yourself or received it from your loved one, just show us!
The best omiyage share will win the grand prize of S$1,000 worth of travel voucher. Check out the details below, and hurry with your post!

Announcement of Winners

Thank you to all participants for all the amazing omiyage photos you shared! It was wonderful to see the numerous kinds of omiyage that you can get from Japan, and your shares definitely provide ideas to everyone who buys omiyage for their loved ones or even for themselves.

Now, let's check out all the winning entries below and get inspiration on what's going to be on your omiyage wish list the next time you visit Japan!

Grand Prize

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Runner-up Prize (3 winners)​

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Shikoku Prize (4 winners)​

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  • img_sp_04 image


Tokai Prize (5 winners)​

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