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One-Day Trip for Foodies in ShikokuOne-Day Trip for Foodies in Shikoku

Blessed with natural beauty that encompasses all the elements of the earth, sky, and water, Shikoku is also steeped in history and spiritual culture. In between exploring castles, temples, and secluded valleys, these foodie itineraries will have you enjoying all its bounty, from straw-roasted fish to fresh citrus and hand-kneaded udon noodles.

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Tokushima and Kagawa Eating your way through Shikoku

Whirpools Sightseeing Along Naruto Straits Japan

Whirpools sightseeing boats

Be amazed by the naturally-occurring whirlpools that make the Naruto Straits so spectacular! The area produces some of the world's largest whirlpools, reaching up to 20m in diameter at times. The best way to experience this natural phenomenon is by boat. A 30-minute trip with Uzusio takes you right into the eye of the whirlpool, and you can choose from one of two vessels to watch them - one of them even has an underwater observation room!

Souvenirs of Shikoku Japan

Picking local souvenirs of your likings (try Naruto Kintoki)

A visit isn't complete without picking up some food to take home! The most famous snack souvenir is “Naruto Kintoki”, which is a sweet potato snack with a high sugar content and a chestnut-like texture. Other popular souvenirs include Take Chikuwa (fish paste on bamboo stick), as well as confectionery like Saoshika (popular with Tokushima tea ceremonies) and Kincho Manju which is stuffed with white bean paste.

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Udon Making in JapanNakano Udon School Japan

Nakano Udon School (Udon making & tasting experience)

With over 600 Sanuki udon noodle shops in Kagawa, you know how seriously they take their beloved dish, which is not only popular with locals but also tourists. At Nakano Udon School, learn how to make your own batch of udon from scratch, from kneading to rolling and slicing, and finally cooking them to perfection. After the workshop (of about an hour), you can either eat in or take home to savour later!

Learn more about NAKANOYA

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Honetsukidori Chicken Thigh Grilled on the BoneLocal Snacks around Kopira Sando Japan

Strolling around Kopira sando & try local snacks

Kotohira-gu Shrine, or Konpira-gu, is Shikoku region's most famous shrine, and a visit isn't complete without sampling snacks along its main approach. Among the many family-run udon restaurants, you can find shops offering you snacks like senbei (rice crackers), kyuman (confectionery filled with yellow bean paste) and the iconic oiri soft serve - try the soy flavour! - topped with colourful melt-in-your-mouth oiri balls, a popular Kagawa confectionery. Having some oiri is also said to bring good luck! Another Kagawa specialty you should try is Honetsukidori - chicken thigh grilled on the bone.

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Kotohira-gu Shrine Shikoku Japan

Kotohira-gu Shrine

Located halfway up a mountain, the revered Kotohira-gu Shrine is only accessible by its stone-step path - just 785 steps to the inner shrine. Along the way, you will see sacred horses and dog statues that make this temple route unique. The main shrine, dedicated to sailors and seafaring, boasts great views from its observatory. A popular souvenir is a yellow omamori charm that is said to bring you good health and happiness.

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Kaiseki Cuisine Freshly Prepared in Open KitchenMaruchu Dinning at Kobaitei Shikoku Japan

Maruchu dinning at Kobaitei

Kappo Dining Maruchu serves a selection of fine cuisine focusing on seasonal Shikoku ingredients and cooking style to all visitors staying in Kobaitei. The building itself was made in Japanese-style architecture, using wooden beams that are 300 years old. Guests can enjoy the kaiseki cuisine freshly prepared in their open kitchen.

Kobaitei Hot Spring RyokanKobaitei Stay Shikoku Japan

Kobaitei stay

Kobaitei is a hot spring ryokan, not far from the nearby shrine. Room options include suites with open-air baths, boasting scenic views of the seasons of Mount Zozu, which enshrines the Kotohira-gu Shrine. The corner suite offers a stunning view of Mount Iino, also known as the Sanuki Fuji. The hotel features 2 floors of hot spring baths, each with its own large communal baths and a number of scenic open-air baths for men and women where guests can soak in the high-quality mineral spring water.

Kochi and Tokushima The castles, clans, and cuisine of Shikoku

Kochi Castle Shikoku Japan

Kochi Castle

Standing like a sentry overlooking the city, Kochi Castle is the only remaining castle in Japan with an original, intact main tower. This 400-year-old castle is one of the last 12 original castles in Japan, with intricate details such as statues of sea creatures installed on its roof. The castle's interior maintains its Edo era origins, and the lookout from the top floor offers breathtaking views. In spring, the cherry blossoms look exceptionally picturesque against the castle walls.

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Hirome Market Shikoku JapanHirome Market Nicknamed Kochi's Kitchen

Hirome Market

Drop by Hirome Market for its diverse array of food and drinks! Nicknamed "Kochi's kitchen", it is home to about 60 stalls where you can try Kochi specialties and enjoy them at one of many large tables around the market. Popular dishes include katsuo no tataki (seared bonito), which is the soul food of Kochi, and inaka-sushi - "countryside sushi" made with vegetables instead of fish. Pair your meal with Kochi's smooth dry sake to complete the local Kochi taste!

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Tosa Cuisine Tsukasa Shikoku JapanTosa Cuisine Features Quality Seafood

Tosa Cuisine Tsukasa

Tosa is the former name of Kochi, and Tosa cuisine features quality seafood - predominantly bonito (katsuo) - as well as meats, vegetables, and fruits from a region that is surrounded by ocean, mountains, and rivers. Tosa Cuisine Tsukasa offers sashimi platters, beef shabu shabu, and kaiseki meals using Tosa ingredients. Their signature is katsuo tataki, where the fish is seared over straw and served with thin slices of garlic and ponzu sauce.

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Iya-no-Kazura Bashi Vine Bridge Shikoku Japan

Iya-no-Kazura Bashi Vine Bridge

The Iya Valley is a magical place that still holds traces of the legendary Heike clan - group of soldiers who hid in these mountains from pursuers in the 12th century. An enduring symbol is the Iya-no-Kazura Bashi vine bridge, which was built in ancient times by locals who used them to cross the gorges. You can cross this iconic bridge as it sways gently, giving you a subtle thrill as you traverse a piece of history.

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Edo Era Castle Town of Wakimachi Shikoku JapanAigura Cafe Shinkoku Japan

A unique architectural feature

The Edo-era castle town of Wakimachi is distinguished by a row of elegant historic buildings along its main street. It is called Udatsu Townscape because the buildings have an architectural feature called udatsu, which are winged extensions under the roof made of plaster that are designed to prevent fires from spreading between shops. Aigura, situated in a gorgeously renovated storehouse, is a souvenir shop with a cafe where you can have ice cream and meals made with Awaodori chicken.

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AoAwo Naruto Resort Shikoku JapanAoAwo Naruto Resort Stay

AoAwo Naruto Resort

Boasting magnificent sea views, AoAwo Naruto Resort is a hot spring resort with scenic open-air baths, conveniently located near the Naruto whirlpools. When it comes to dining, Irodori specializes in Awa cuisine (Awa being the former name of Tokushima) that features seafood and local meats known as Awa no sanchiku, referring to beef, pork, and chicken. At Naruto, you can enjoy a kaiseki meal made from fresh fish and shellfish caught in the nearby waters.

Popular food and omiyage stores showcasing the best of Kochi

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Kochi and Ehime A haven for culture and food lovers

Asoo Chinkabashi Bridge Shikoku Japan

Asoo Chinkabashi

The turquoise-tinted Niyodo River is one of the clearest rivers in Japan, and you can truly appreciate its beauty by crossing it along one of the many chinkabashi - a simple concrete bridge built to withstand floodwater - that criss-cross the river's entire length. Asao Chinkabashi is one of the longest and most beautiful bridges along the river, with a gorgeous view of a traditional village nestled against a mountain backdrop.

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Cha Cafe Asunaro at Odo Dam Shikoku JapanTea and Match Desserts at Cha Cafe Asunaro Shikoku Japan

Cha Cafe Asunaro

Located beside Odo Dam, Cha Cafe Asunaro is a classic minimalist cafe to relax with some classic Japanese tea, dessert, or a light lunch. The cafe serves green tea and matcha desserts made using local Sawatari tea leaves grown along the banks of the Niyodo River, and even their main meals are infused with the same tea! Sit down for quiet bite here as you enjoy a gorgeous view of the Niyodo River from the restaurant's deck.

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Tobe-Yaki Local Pottery Tobe Ehime Togeikan Shikoku Japan

Tobe Ehime Togeikan

Tobe-yaki is a type of local pottery characterised by deep blue, beautifully painted designs on fairly thick white porcelain. You can check out over 30,000 Tobe-yaki works from 32 local potteries which are available for purchase at Tobe Ehime Togeikan. Every spring and autumn, they hold markets where lots of visitors get to bring home porcelain works with a good bargain. On the upper floor, you can join pottery classes and try your hand at creating your very own unique piece of Tobe-yaki on the potter's wheel.

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Ehime is Japan's Largest Producers of Mikan Tangerine Orange10FACTORY for Mikan Related Souvenirs Shikoku Japan


Located at the foot of Matsuyama Castle, this relaxed shopping street is lined with chic independent stores. You can find a variety of local retail brands as well as eateries where you can try regional specialties. Ehime is one of Japan's largest producers of mikan (a type of tangerine orange) - pop into the trendy 10FACTORY, a specialty shop where you can try a flight of mikan juice along with their freshly squeezed beverages, and purchase other mikan-related souvenirs, sweets, and snacks!

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Shirasagiya Fruit Daifuku in Shikoku JapanSeasonal Fruits of Shikoku Encased in Gyuhi


Enjoy the taste of Shirasagiya's fruit daifuku, which are seasonal fresh fruits like strawberries, kiwis, and mandarins encased in gyuhi - a softer, sweeter, and more delicate version of traditional mochi - and white bean paste which has an elegant sweetness. You can also try their manju which is made with Okinawan brown sugar. All their sweets are freshly made in-store.

Matsuyama Castle Ropeway Shikoku Japan

Matsuyama Castle Ropeway

Located on a steep hill in the city centre, Matsuyama Castle is one of Japan's 12 original castles. While you can walk up to the castle, the easiest and fastest way to get there is via the ropeway or chair lift. From Ropeway Shopping Street, a 3-minute ride on the ropeway will get you to the summit. Alternatively, the 6-minute single-seater chair lift offers a more exhilarating open-air ride with unobstructed views of the castle town.

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Matsuyama Castle

Matsuyama Castle

A magnificent fortress that has withstood war and time, Matsuyama Castle is an excellent example of a feudal castle - its main defense (honmaru) is well-defended, and the main keep is one of a few in the country boasting multiple wings. The complex also includes a secondary keep and multiple turrets which make it interesting to explore. Spread around the castle grounds are 200 cherry trees, which make it a lovely cherry blossom spot in spring.

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Kadoya Along Ropeway Shopping Street Shikoku JapanLocal Seasonal Cuisine at Kadoya Shikoku Japan


Located along the Ropeway Shopping Street, Kadoya specializes in local seasonal cuisine such as their signature Tai-meshi (sea bream sashimi and raw eggs served over rice) which is a specialty of Uwajima, along with Fukumen which is a konjac noodle dish with a variety of colourful toppings like orange peel, minced fish soboro, and green onions. Other popular dishes include Jyako-ten (fishcake served hot on a small shichirin grill) and slices of bonito charred over a straw fire.

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Dogo Onsen Shikoku Japan

Stay in Dogo Onsen

One of Japan's most popular and oldest hot spring areas, Dogo Onsen is recognizable by its famous bathhouse: the Honkan, which showcases an ornate architecture. Built in 1894, the bathhouse's wooden interior consists of intricately designed stairways, passages, and rooms. You can spend the night in the Dogo Onsen area as there are a number of accommodation options, ranging from luxurious traditional ryokan inns to modern hotels, all boasting hot spring baths on their premises.

Popular food and omiyage stores showcasing the best of Kochi

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