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The Best of Japan's FlavoursThe Best of Japan's Flavours

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Japan has lots of delicious and exquisite flavours - some you may be familiar with, but there are so many more for you to discover. Check out our newest campaign dedicated to foodies and gourmands alike. Our specially curated itineraries featuring Okinawa, Shikoku, and Tokai will help you explore a whole new world of flavours with every bite.

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We've created three different itineraries featuring Okinawa Prefecture and the Shikoku and Tokai regions for you, so that you can discover the food journey to your taste that you want to embark on. Do certainly check out the local mouth-watering foods unique to each area that are not to be missed.


    Known for its subtropical, tropical climate, crystal-clear waters, and rich biodiversity, the southernmost and westernmost part of Japan has a unique cuisine that will appeal to your tastebuds.

  • Food in Northern Okinawa Japan
    The beautiful flavours of Okinawa's northern coast Northern Okinawa
  • Food and Adventure in Southern Okinawa Japan
    Food and adventure in Southern Okinawa Southern Okinawa
  • Kokusai Street in Naha City Okinawa
    Exploring the best of Okinawa's Kokusai Street in Naha Naha City

    A harmonious gathering of tradition, innovation, and nature is what the Tokai region is all about, and with it is a mixture of exquisite flavours from the ocean, mountains, and farms.

  • Food in Shizuoka Japan
    Savour Shizuoka's delectable offerings Shizuoka
  • Food in Tokai Japan
    Savouring coastal delights of the Tokai region Aichi and Mie
  • Traditional Food in Tokai Japan
    Savour the charm of traditional Japan in the Tokai region Aichi and Gifu

Delightful Sensations

Triggering your various senses, each all-in-one, unique experience of authentic Japanese cuisine, nature, culture, and tradition that will leave you with not just a more than satisfied palate, but also an unforgettable memory of taste that lingers – that is what is offered in Delightful Sensations.

An explosion of special flavours

Even though known collectively as Japanese food, washoku actually has a diverse range of styles and flavours. Discover the different perspectives of washoku and where to find them with the articles below. Let it open your tastebuds to exciting, new flavours.

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