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Miyatani Quarry Site Fukui Japan Miyatani Quarry Site Fukui Japan

Miyatani quarry site

Fukui Map

Trek through the lush forest leading up to the Miyatani Quarry. The Miyatani ruins looks like a stone temple made for worship as the site is carpeted with deep green moss, creating a tranquil atmosphere resembling a scene you would expect to see in a boss fight within a video game.
The Miyatani Quarry Site used to be a mining site during the Meiji Era around 1887. The stones are made from solidified volcanic ash and were used as raw materials for construction during that era. After the war, cement became a more popular building material, thus the demand for the stones drastically decreased, causing them to be abandoned.
The site tour will set you back by 2,000 yen per person and a reservation is required. However, it would include tour guide taking you on a 20-minute forest walk and an exclusive tour of the quarry and all its picture-perfect spots.

Miyatani Quarry Site Fukui Japan
Andersen Park Chiba Japan Andersen Park Chiba Japan

Andersen Park

Chiba Map

A theme park that boasts a size of 36.7 hectares, filled with outdoor activities that both kids and adults alike can enjoy. Five different zones with their own unique theme, which you can enjoy to your heart's content. Zones are namely,

•Wanpaku Kingdom Park, which is one of Japan's biggest obstacle courses,
•Fairy Tale Hill Zone which replicates the countryside of Denmark,
•Children's Art Museum Zone where you can experience workshops,
•Castle of Flowers Zone showcases the changing seasons, and
•Nature Experience Zone which makes use of the landscape's wetlands and woodlands.

The park is modelled after its sister city - Odense, Denmark - the hometown of the world-renowned author Hans Christian Andersen. The park was named after him. Over here, you would be able to experience different unique types of atmosphere that would seemingly take you on an adventure!

Andersen Park Chiba Japan
Porto Europe Wakayama Japan Porto Europe Wakayama Japan

Porto Europe

Wakayama Map

Seemingly embark on a journey to revisit medieval Europe at the Porto Europa. Greatly influenced by the western architecture of France, Italy and Spain, the ambience lets you take stunning photos resembling the medieval era townscape or as some may claim, a magical kingdom.

Full of thrilling attractions and rides, exciting events, and breathtaking views that will make for a perfect experience for the whole family. During the year end period, the park would be decorated with countless fairy lights to illuminate the park, making the night visit a more magical one.

The park ticket costs 3,800 yen for adults and 3,200 for children, including unlimited rides and access to selected attractions. It is only a short walk from the Marina City bus stop and only 40 minutes away by car from Kansai Airport.

Porto Europe Wakayama Japan

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