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Try the different aspects of JapanTry the different aspects of Japan

Take a peek into and have first-hand experience of the various lifestyles of the locals! From sake-making to woodworking, experience traditional crafts and form a deeper understanding of Japanese culture. You can certainly gain insights like never before through these stays and more specially curated for you.


Spend a weekend as a sake brewer in Nagano Prefecture

If you enjoy Japanese sake, deepen your understanding of this national tipple by experiencing a weekend as a sake maker in Nagano! The Saku area is home to 13 historic breweries, and in KURABITO STAY, not only can you try your hand at brewing sake, you will be overnighting in a restored hiroshiki, a large chamber where sake brewers used to sleep. This intimate 2-night experience lets you take part in some aspects of sake making with fellow sake enthusiasts, from the brewing process to the packaging, and of course, the tasting. After a day's work, unwind and explore the Saku area with your fellow brewers by sampling local cuisine and pairing it with great sake from the region!

Sake Brewing in KURABITO STAY Nagano Japan

Tradition lifestyle at Yao Kumagawa Tradition lifestyle at Yao Kumagawa

Experience a snapshot of traditional Japan in Fukui Prefecture

Situated in the historic post town of Kumagawa-Juku, Yao Kumagawa is an albergo diffuso style of accommodation, an innovative concept of reviving heritage towns off the usual tourist track by renovating old houses for visitors. Located between Kyoto and Wakasa, the town is lined with buildings made after the Edo Period in various styles, set in a beautiful countryside surrounded by trees and mountains. Yao Kumagawa has three properties set in these beautifully renovated homes - each accommodating only one party of guests (3-5 guests). At the front desk of the Hishiya building, you can find a kamado (traditional wood- or charcoal-fuelled stove), where you can try your hand at the traditional methods of cooking rice.

Yao Kumagawa Accommodation in Fukui Japan

Learn from true artisans at Bed and Craft Learn from true artisans at Bed and Craft

Immerse yourself in a traditional craft town in Toyama Prefecture

Spend the night in one of Bed and Craft's traditional buildings scattered around town, each customised by local artisans into unique villas. Inami is a small town with over 200 woodcarving artisans - the highest number in Japan - where you can learn from them in workshops unique to the area, from carving wooden spoons to making lacquer chopsticks. There are 6 villa options, each with a unique history: stay in a former home of a door carpenter or sericulturist, or even in an old restaurant, each accommodating up to three to nine guests. Surrounded by rice paddies, you can cycle around this bucolic town or cosy up at Bed and Craft's BnC Lounge.

Bed and Crafts in Toyama Japan

Enishi - living with Akita Dog Enishi - living with Akita Dog

Get acquainted with the iconic dogs of Akita Prefecture

Dog lovers would love the opportunity to spend the night with the iconic dogs of Akita Prefecture: the Akita Inu! Enishi is a minpaku (homestay) located in the heart of Kakunodate's samurai district just off Bukeyashiki Street, and the owner has two friendly Akita Inus - named Suchan and Fujiko - that love to greet visitors. The lodging is in a traditional house with four types of sleeping arrangements: two are standard rooms, and the other two are tatami-style rooms. Have a chat with the owner to find out more about the area and about the Akita Inu, or follow her on one of her dog walks to explore the town and the riverside.

Akita Inu Iconic Dogs of Japan at Enishi Homestay

Ezura Farm Ezura Farm

Experience the countryside life of a Hokkaido farmer

If you want to truly experience a rural farming life, head to Hokkaido's Ezura Farm, a farmstay inn run by a husband-and-wife team who cultivates many varieties of potatoes, as well as sweetcorn, wheat, and sugar beet. You can book an entire house on the farm and be immersed in this countryside life by trying farming activities like vegetable harvesting and cooking, making snow igloos in winter, or simply enjoying the star-studded sky. You can also volunteer to become a farmhand, where you will assist the owners in the field for 8 hours a day doing a variety of jobs. Farmhands will get free accommodation as well as all meals and snacks.

Ezura Farm Hokkaido Japan

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