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Intimate time with Akita Intimate time with Akita

Partake in the Akita Community Partake in the Akita Community

Inaka school at Akita Map Inaka school at Akita Map

Access from Tokyo

  • 08:55 Haneda Airport - ANA Domestic flight (70 mins)
  • 10:05 Odate Noshiro Airport
  • 10:20 Pick-up service (45mins)
  • 11:05 Akita Inaka School

Immerse more into Akita Prefecture's countryside as you learn Japanese

Learn the Japanese language through a total immersion at Akita Inaka School. Located in the town of Kosaka in Akita Prefecture, you can experience the Japanese countryside in a way that you cannot do on a short trip. After the morning classes, the afternoons are spent practising what you have learnt through various activities in town. Stay in a shared house or a hotel near the school, and depending on the season, there is a wide variety of local activities to choose from - visit unique spots and experience traditional culture, or interact with the local community and participate in local festivals. Immersing yourself fully is a great way to learn Japanese and fully experience local life in Japan.

Teacher and Students in Akita Inaka School Japan
Learning Japanese at Akita Inaka School
Class in Session at Akita Inaka School

Get to know the local community

One of the highlights of learning Japanese in a small town in the countryside is the opportunity to interact with the local community! Not only will you get to meet new people, you can experience local culture first hand. Meet the famous Akita Dogs and their breeders, or savour a meal of Nagashi Somen - a local Japanese summer tradition - with local students. The residents are always happy to receive people from overseas. With a population of about 5,000 people, this small town has a friendly vibe, as locals often greet and talk to people they meet on the street. These experiences will naturally help you create deep connections with the residents.

Meet Akita Dogs
Savour a Meal of Nagashi Somen
Swordsmanship in Akita Japan

Celebrate traditional festivals like a local

Akita is a prefecture where indigenous culture is still practised, as reflected in its local festivals and rituals, like the other prefectures. It is a unique experience to participate in such festivals, not just as a guest, but as a part of the local team. For example, you can help set up food stalls during their summer festival in August, or join the “naked festival” in winter (February) where men visit a shrine donned only in a loincloth. With the birth rate declining and population aging in Akita Prefecture, the number of successors to carry out such traditions is in decline. This is why it brings great joy to the local community to have overseas participants.

Festival Food Stalls in Akita Japan
Traditional Festivals in Akita Japan
Naked Festival in Winter in Akita Japan

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