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October 30 – December 13, 2020

The varieties in Japan's nature, culture, history, food, industry, and crafts can be overwhelming, yet interesting that you will be surprised at every turn. It is even more special if you experienced it as a family. Let nostalgia take you on a recollection of memories when you post your memorable family photos of your previous Japan trips. Tell us the story behind your photo and the highlights of your family trip. Relive those cherished moments to feel Japan with your family again until it's safe to travel and explore it once more!

Thank you all for your enthusiastic participation!Thank you all for your enthusiastic participation!

The result of this photo contest has been announced!!
Let's admire the gorgeous photos of the winners at the following Winners Gallery.

#jbyjfamily Winners Gallery

Grand Prize

  • Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

    Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural MuseumCindy Han

    Visiting Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum is like taking a trip down memory lane to see what Tokyo was like from the Edo period to post World War II.

    My family's favourite architecture is the Public Bathhouse "Kodakara-yu", which Hayao Miyazaki used as a reference for his anime film, Spirited Away.

    We couldn't resist and took a dip in the women's bath #jbyjfamily #tokyo

Runner-up Prizes

  • Making Japanese Mochi Hokkaido Family Trip

    HokkaidoYong Siang

    This was taken 2 yrs ago at #hokkaido
    On our annual family trip.It's my mum's first trip to Japan and she truly totally enjoyed it!! Loved the food,the onsen,the flowers,lavender,sunflowers,melons…etc etc..the list is endless! Now you can understand how we as a family of 04 of us truly enjoyed the trip to Hokkaido! And of course we hope to go back soon!

    This photo is extremely memorable too as it's our mum first attempt at making Japanese mochi and was pounding it! The Japanese lady host next to her was absolutely terrified as to avoid getting pounded because the "hammer" was quite heavy!! We had a lot of laugh after that while enjoying the mochi she made!!

    We are planning(hopefully) to visit again maybe Tohoku and drive around this beautiful scenic region next coming autumn 2021…hopefully we shall see u soon Japan!! Stay strong, stay well and bounce back higher!

  • Family Trip to Japan at Fushimi Inari

    Fushimi InariFelouvre

    When we could travel, we didn't treasure it close to our ♡. Flipped my whole album to find out soo little family photos were taken together during our last long holiday in Japan. Luckily, we managed to travel Japan before the pandemic!

    Shrine visiting in Japan is really interesting. While you are taking your best instaworthy photos with thousand rows of torii gates. Do you know torii gates are donated by a person or companies to respect the god and pray for good business prosperity? Fushimi Inari is also the headquarter shrine to pray for a good harvest and business prosperity.

    To create more precious family memories while exploring the off-beaten parts of Japan and uncover Japan's hidden beauty together ♡.

    #jbyjfamily #kyoto #kyototravel #visitjapanjp #fushimiinari
    #japanawaits #FELSCAPE

  • Enoshima Winter Illumination in Japan


    Magical Moments to be Cherished! Moments of Family Fun in Japan🇯🇵! Every journey leads to different excitement, experiences & wonderful adventures! Fond memories of the beautiful winter Illumination at Enoshima Sea Candle, Majestic Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, Breathtaking Ocean Views at Umihotaru, Admiring 🐟🐟🐟 at Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, soaking up the American culture at Mihama American Village, Okinawa, Crazy Wild Rides at Tokyo Dome & Fuji Q to 🧒 boy's favourite activity of 🍓 Picking at Mother Farm Chiba!❣️Bring me back to Japan again!
    (Enoshima, Kamakura Tokyo, Yokohama, Okinawa, Chiba, Yamanashi)
    #familytravel #throwback #tokyo #okinawa#chiba #yokohama
    #fujiq #enoshima #japan #travel #familytravel #visitjapanjp

Tokai Special Prizes

  • Hakodate

    HakodateSteve Own

    A holiday which I never forget which we get to enjoy the cherry blossom and enjoy a simple picnic with a nice weather! It was a picnic which I wish can last forever, but they always say beautiful moments cannot last forever. The most enjoyable culture will be the onsen! It relieve my stress and make our skin more smooth and vibrant! Can't wait to go JAPAN SOON!
    #jbyjfamily #Hakodate

  • Ramen Museum

    Ramen MuseumJodie Loi Wen Tian

    This was taken in Aug 2018, the first time we were together in Japan as a #jbyjfamily (sister, mum, dad and I) - they came to visit during my internship attachment in #Yokohama. Here is my sister and I drooling over Sumire Ramen at the Ramen Museum, near Shin-Yokohama station!

    This trip was memorable as it served as a bridge between experiences and perspectives of Japan between me and my family. I was fortunate to have experienced high school and working life in Japan, and thus crossed language and cultural barriers to see Japan in a more personal light. Being with them, especially my sister (whose last visit was before I was born!), I got to share that as we got to various locations, a personal and shared family experience of bridging cultural understandings while having a lot of fun. Our favourite activity and time of the day is mealtime, and letting them try the other variations and history of Ramen was a special experience for all of us Visiting the supermarkets might be our second favourite activity!

  • Todaiji Nara Park

    Todaiji Nara ParkKumamon Jeng

    This is in Todaiji Nara Park, we saw the huge pillar with a hole at the bottom in Todaiji Temple. We wonder why there is a line to squeeze through the hole at the bottom, later we found out this is a healing pillar. Most of them are young children waiting to crawl through the hole. It is believed that if you are successful in squeezing through this hole, you will be granted a place in heaven and plenty of luck. This is a unique experience and a memorable one in Todaiji, don't miss out on this interesting thing to do when you visit Nara Japan. #jbyjfamily #Nara I am glad to have a free English speaking guide, she is a retiree volunteer to explain the history and architecture of Todaiji temple to foreigners. My number one favorite thing is still playing with the roaming deer, feed them and hug them! The deers in Nara town think that they are human and walk together with people on the streets. I think we are all "Family of Mother Nature", human and animals living in harmony in this ancient city of Nara. #jbyjfamily What a wonderful experience.

  • Asakusa

    AsakusaHana Lee-Pas

    We conquered the whole of #Asakusa! Immersing with the vibe of an older Tokyo, here we were at the heart of the district infront of this beautiful Sensoji temple. This has got to be our top favourite place we visited as it captures the traditional vibe of the city which is so well preserved. Though the other places where we need to hop from one place to another via multiple train rides, here we just had to walk, from the famous Kaminarimon Gate to Don Quijote, searching for good local halal food and we stopped by Naritaya Halal Ramen.
    Oh we love shopping at Nakamise Shopping street tooSo much local goodies. Despite me being 7 months pregnant at that time, it was all worth it. This was our very first trip to Japan, and the kids' very first trip on an airplane as well!! We fell in love with this place and will definitely wanna visit Japan again, now with the 3rd kid in tow, he wanna experience Japan too #jbyjfamily #tokyo photo credits: hubby Fadli Osman not in pic

  • Tokyo

    TokyoSteven Neo Say Bin

    One of my family's most memorable Japan trip was in 2013 where my niece experienced her first overseas trip by visiting me in Tokyo while I was studying and working there.

    We had a lot of fun exploring various attractions such as Tokyo Sky Tree, Asakusa, Ueno Park, and Ooedo-Onsen, and learning Japanese culture through its delicious cuisine and friendly people. More importantly, my niece grew up a lot during the one-week Tokyo adventure, where she learnt to be more independent and to appreciate tasty ramen and tempura.

    We are planning a big Tokyo family adventure in 2021 to relive our memories so we are crossing our fingers to win this contest for our holiday! Nicholas Neo Yvonne Tan Ong Yew Huat Neo Catherine Tina Tan

    #jbyjfamily #tokyo

  • lakekawaguchigo

    lakekawaguchigoShirley Hwee Li

    Our family very 1st Koyo experience in 2016. Love the colors to the max! Unforgettable trip!

  • Ise Jingu

    Ise JinguShanjae

    (18.05.2017) Finally visited the most sacred shrine in Japan, Ise Jingu. ⛩ Thanks to my ex-housemate and her husband for showing us around! 🚙 We also tried Ise Udon, which tasted very uniquely yummy. 🍜 1.5yo Kenshin enjoyed walking around and exploring the spacious shrine, until he got all tired and fell asleep! 😴😆 #kenshintan #1year9months #1歳9ヶ月 #sg50baby #sgfamily #sgkids #travelkids #familytrip #japantrip2017 #isejingu #iseshrine #伊勢神宮 #伊勢神宮内宮 #iseudon #伊勢うどん #mieprefecture #三重県 #visitmie #mie #jbyjfamily

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