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West Route



Haitopia Iga Steak House Grazie Mie Prefecture

Flag iconHaitopia-Iga Steak House Grazie (An Iga beef specialty restaurant)

Satisfy your tastebuds with an explosion of flavour from Iga beef considered to be the rarest kind of wagyu (Japanese beef). Every bite is saturated with soft fat and a sweeter aroma compared to its rivals. Historically, Iga ninjas used to eat dried Iga beef to strengthen their bodies, and from there it became well known throughout Japan.

Location: 2F Haitopia-Iga, 500 Uenomarunouchi, Iga, Mie Prefecture 518-0873
Opening hours: 11:00 – 14:00, 17:00 – 21:30 (Last order: 21:00 /Last entry at 20:30)
Regular holiday: Closed on Thursdays
http://www.okuda-igaushi.com/grazie/ (Japanese)
http://www.okuda-igaushi.com/wp-content/themes/okuda/pdf/grazie-english.pdf (English Menu)

Ninja Museum of Igaryu Japan

Flag iconNinja Museum of Igaryu

Iga is well-known as the birthplace of ninjas in Japan. Iga's Ninja Museum showcases genuine artifacts such as clothing, weapons, and actual paraphernalia used by ninjas during its golden age. The museum features an actual ninja house disguised as a farmhouse with trapdoors to hide weapons, booby traps, hidden doors, and escape routes. One of its highlights includes a kuno (female ninja) showing you all the tricks and booby traps in each part of the house while narrating how ninjas lived and trained for espionage and assassination. They even have shows where you and your kids can witness authentic ninja skills using famous ninja weapons like shuriken and kusarigama.


Flag iconToba Marche

A one-stop-shop and restaurant where you can find all things Iga! A partnership between the agriculture and fisheries cooperatives of Toba gave birth to Toba Marche serving the freshest seafood and local gourmet produce to its visitors. It features a buffet-style restaurant with a selection of both Japanese and Western dishes using all the fresh ingredients of the store itself, so you and your family can have great varieties from both sides of the table.


East route

East Route
Brace yourself for an exciting adventure in the East of Japan! East Japan, more popularly known as the Kanto region, has a variety of sights and sounds that would grab anyone's attention. Learn about Kanto's history, culture, food, and its locals with this itinerary that will truly help you navigate the modern yet nostalgic streets of Kanto!

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