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A different side of Mt. Fuji Shindo PassA different side of Mt. Fuji Shindo Pass

The symbol of Japan is undoubtedly the conical peak of Mt. Fuji, and while there are many vantage points to view this national treasure, seeing it from the Shindo Pass is a photographer's favourite. Getting to the two viewing platforms on the pass requires you to take a little hike up the mountain - many make the ascent before dawn to catch Mt. Fuji as it emerges on clouds during sunrise, set against Lake Kawaguchiko and the lights of the surrounding town.

Best way to see
While it is popular to catch Mt. Fuji during sunrise from here, you will also be impressed with the mountain at night when you see it set against the Milky Way. When hiking, be prepared for insects in summer and extremely cold weather in fall or winter. Before going, it is best to check out the webcam for the weather forecast.

  • Mount Fuji At Night
  • Mount Fuji During Sunrise

Kamiashikawa, Ashigawa-cho, Fuefuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture
Take a bus from Kawaguchiko Station and get off at Oishi Park. Walk for about 60 to 90 minutes to the entrance of the trail road. From there, it takes another 90 minutes to the viewing platform.

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