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Out & About Active & Photogenic Girl's Trip in Southern TohokuOut & About Active & Photogenic Girl's Trip in Southern Tohoku


Once you land in Japan, head to Tokyo Station by taking the Narita Express!​
From there, hop onto the Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet train) and in less than 3 hours, you will be taken to prominent stations in the Tohoku region.​
In this travel itinerary, we will be heading to Tendo Station in Yamagata Prefecture, one of the most famous hot spring areas in Japan.

Day 1 road map in Southern Tohoku
Start! 9:15 Narita Airport
Narita Express, around 90minNarita Express, around 90min
12:00 Tokyo Station
Lunch at Tokyo Station
14:00 Tokyo Station
Yamagata Shinkansen 180minYamagata Shinkansen 180min

Onsen Icon17:00Tendo Onsen

Located in the centre of Yamagata Prefecture, Tendo Onsen is one of the largest onsen villages in Japan. With the shinkansen stopping right at the Tendo station, it is one of the most accessible hot spring areas in Japan. There are plenty of accommodation options, ranging from modern chic hotels to traditional Japanese-style inns (ryokans). You can even find several hot spring water fountains where you can taste hot onsen water, which is rare in Japan, so don't be shy and try it.

Tendo Onsen is One of The Largest Onsen Villages in Japan

Tendo Onsen Azumaso

This ryokan radiates a modern ambience with a mesmerising view of the changing seasons from its courtyard; there is even a range of colourful yukatas you can choose from to wear around the inn. The guest rooms boast incredible views of the surrounding nature, and some rooms feature private outdoor baths - certainly an out-of-the-world experience to be immersed in the beautiful nature while revitalizing your body with the soak in the bath.
The hostess of this ryokan is a cat named Mai-chan, who will welcome you to this inn for a "purrfect " relaxing time.

Tendo hot spring Shohakutei Azumaso
2-1, 2-chome, Kamata, Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture 994-0024
Telephone number: +81-23-654-4141

Tendo Onsen Azumaso Japan
OHSYO Fruit Farm Tendo City Yamagata Prefecture Japan

Day 2

For the second day of the trip, how about sampling Yamagata's famous fresh fruits before heading towards the east? Yamagata Prefecture is celebrated as one of the nation's top fruit producers. Eating freshly picked fruit and seafood will be one of the highlights of this trip!

Day 2 road map in Southern Tohoku
9:15 Tendo Station
Car, 10min

Fruit Icon10:00OHSYO Fruit Farm

Sweeten your day with fresh fruits! Located 10 minutes away from Tendo Onsen, this fruit farm is filled with seasonal fruits, like cherries, peaches, grapes, and apples, that you can pick with your own hands! You can also indulge in tasty parfaits made with the farm's fresh fruits at the café located within the vicinity. Cherry parfait is the most popular among their menu choices. One thing to note is that the fruits used change with the season; peach in August, grape in September, and apple in October.

1303 Kawarago, Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture 944-0103
Telephone number: +81-23-657-3211
Opening Hours: 8:30 - 16:00

Sendai Specialty Dish is Gyutan Yaki Grilled Beef Tongue
car, 10min
12:28 Tendo Station
JR Yamagata Main Line, 15minJR Yamagata Main Line, 15min
Uzen Chitose Station
JR Senzan Line, 70min
14:40 Sendai Station
Ichinoseki is the Southernmost City of Iwate Prefecture Japan

When you transfer trains at Sendai Station, you can stop by the S-PAL Sendai, a shopping mall directly connected to the station, for a late lunch. Sendai's specialty dish is gyutan-yaki (grilled beef tongue). This dish may sound slightly scary to some, but it is actually flavourful and delicious. You can dine at any of the four long-established gyutan-yaki specialty shops at "Gyutan-dori " (literally "Beef Tongue Street "), located on the third floor of the building

S-PAL Sendai's website:

15:40 Sendai Station
JR Shinkansen Yamabiko, 30minJR Shinkansen Yamabiko, 30min
16:10 Ichinoseki Station
Bus, 20min

Nautre IconIchinoseki

Ichinoseki is Iwate Prefecture's southernmost city, but makes a good base for exploring a variety of attractions nearby. You can cycle around the scenic Hiraizumi's World Heritage sites, go on a boat cruise along the magnificent Geibikei Gorge, or enjoy the beautiful colours of Hydrangea Garden, or create your own original art at Sahara Glass Park. Thanks to the area's fertile paddies, the city is famous for its mochi (glutinous rice dumpling), and you can sample some of the 300 different mochi dishes available here.


Matsurube Onsen Kamikura
Shuttle bus, 40min *Reservation required

Onsen Icon17:30Matsurube Onsen Kamikura

A great area to spend the night is in the Ichinoseki Hot Spring area, a group of hot spring resorts that line the Iwai River. Located in Ichinoseki City is Kamikura, a beautiful traditional ryokan that exudes old world charm. Surrounded by forest, you have the rare chance to connect your soul with Mother Nature in lush nature with their special packages which include glamping with BBQ, yoga and health retreats, and kayaking tours. Enjoy the beautifying hot spring waters of the area and detox your mind and body.

32 Matsurube, Genbi-cho, Ichinoseki City,
Iwate Prefecture, 021-0101
Telephone number: +81-191-39-2877

Matsurube Onsen Kamikura
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