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Out & About Active & Photogenic Girl's Trip in Southern TohokuOut & About Active & Photogenic Girl's Trip in Southern Tohoku

Day 4

From Sendai, head to Fukushima, the southernmost prefecture of the Tohoku region. Don't miss out on their specialty foods, historic landmarks, cultural experiences, and more!

Day 4 road map in Southern Tohoku
9:00 Sendai Station
JR Shinkansen Yamabiko, 35minJR Shinkansen Yamabiko, 35min
9:35 Koriyama Station

Train IconFruitea Fukushima

Also known as a travelling café, Fruitea Fukushima is a tourist train available only during the weekends, taking you from Koriyama to Aizu-Wakamatsu/Kitakata and bringing you back. Enjoy the view out the window while pampering yourself with special desserts served at the stylish café on board. The seasonal treats are made with fresh Tohoku-grown fruits.

Fruitea Fukushima Travelling Cafe Japan
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11:52 Kitakata Station

Ramen IconKitakata

The city of Kitakata is also known as Kura-no-machi (the town of storehouses), named after the traditional soy sauce and miso storehouses located in the region. Take a stroll or ride the horse-drawn carriage which is interestingly shaped like a warehouse around town to take a look at over 2,000 of the surviving storehouses - concentrated along Odazuki Street - have been converted into shops, inns, breweries, and specialty stores. If you have time, walk over to Koibitozaka to watch the sunset or spot old-timey steam locomotives on the iconic Ichinotogawa Bridge!


Kitakata Also Known as Kura No Machi The Town of Storehouses

Kitakata Ramen

Kitakata is recognized for its specialty dish: Kitakata ramen! The ramen is made with the high-quality soy sauce produced in the town's storehouses, along with fresh, clean spring waters from Mount Iide, locally grown vegetables and fresh seafood. Served in a broth of pork and sardine, the thickness of the noodles will depend on individual restaurants. There are over 100 ramen shops in Kitakata, and locals even eat it for breakfast! Pair your meal with some Nihonshu ( "Japanese Rice Wine "), since this region is famed for its rice production and quality.

Kitakata Ramen Japan
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13:47 Kitakata Station
JR Banetsu West Line, 15minJR Banetsu West Line, 15min
14:03 Aizu-Wakamatsu Station

Castle IconAizu-Wakamatsu

Nicknamed "Samurai City ", the historic Aizu-Wakamatsu is an Edo-era castle town. Tsuruga-jo castle, the city's landmark famous for its role in Japanese history, was built using traditional construction methods to withstand the harsh winters of Fukushima, and is the only castle in Japan that uses red tiles. Taste local delicacies like kozuyu (clear soup made with scallop stock and vegetables) and horsemeat dishes, as well as Takato soba and curry yakisoba which is a local favourite. Spend a day enriching yourself with the history of Japan while experiencing its culture by wearing a rental kimono and going on rickshaw rides!


Aizu Wakamatsu is an Edo Era Castle Town
Car, 10min

Onsen IconHigashiyama Onsen Village

Located 10 minutes away by car from Aizu-Wakamatsu, Higashiyama Onsen is a lush valley that is lined with various hot spring inns from the Higashiyama Dam to Yukawa. Restaurants, gift shops, shooting ranges, and many tourist spots are found in this area. It is said that Higashiyama Onsen was founded over 1,300 years ago, and was popular with the Aizu samurai during the Edo period. Blessed with rich history and Aizu's picturesque nature, Higashiyama Onsen Village is the perfect place to relax and calm yourself after a long day!

Higashiyama Onsen Village Japan

Shosuke no Yado, Takinoyu

Among the numerous hot spring resorts in Higashiyama Onsen Village, Takinoyu is a popular inn that has been in business for 130 years, boasting breathtaking views of Aizu's famed Fushimigaki Falls from their outdoor hot springs and private baths. Listen to the sound of the waterfall amidst its tranquil ambience as you soak in the waters that have been loved by many famous historical figures of Japan. Let the tranquility and natural water heal your mind and body.

108 Higashiyama Onsen, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, 965-0814
Telephone number: +81-242-29-1000

Shosuke No Yado Takinoyu Japan
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