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Out & About Active & Photogenic Girl's Trip in Southern TohokuOut & About Active & Photogenic Girl's Trip in Southern Tohoku

Day 3

After healing your mind and body the previous day, let's head further down the southern portion of Tohoku. Here you will visit an important World Heritage site in Hiraizumi, followed by a trip to Matsushima, one of Japan's most scenic seaside spots. End your fulfilling day with a shopping trip to one of the largest outlet malls in Tohoku!

Day 3 road map in Southern Tohoku
9:30 Ichinoseki Station
JR Tohoku Main Line, 10min
Hiraizumi Station
Car, 5min
9:45 Chuson-ji Temple

Temple IconHiraizumi

Through the tour around here, get in touch with your spiritual self. Nestled in the mountains of southern Iwate is Hiraizumi, an ancient city dotted with many temples and gardens, many of which are World Heritage sites that have survived from its golden era (1100-1189) when the area was then an independent country on its own. The crown jewel is Chuson-ji temple, an 11th century temple complex that includes the magnificently gilded Konjikido Hall. Nearby is the Motsuji temple complex, where you can explore its elegant Buddhist Pure Land gardens and savour the temple's Ennen-cha tea which is said to promote longevity.

Hiraizumi An Ancient City Dotted With Many Temples and Gardens
Dots icon
11:28 Hiraizumi Station
JR Tohoku Main Line, 10min
11:50 Ichinoseki Station
JR Shinkansen Yamabiko, 30minJR Shinkansen Yamabiko, 30min
Sendai station
JR Senseki Line, 30min
13:07 Higashi Shiogama Station
Shiogama Seafood Whole Market
14:24 Higashi Shiogama Station
JR Senseki Line, about 10minJR Senseki Line, about 10min
14:33 Matsushima Kaigan Station

Fish IconMatsushima

Surrounded by the ocean, Matsushima is known for its scenic bay which is dotted with about 260 pine-clad islets. You can appreciate its beauty by cruising around the bay, or heading to one of the four viewpoints known as the Shitaikan - each has a nickname describing its view: magnificent, elegant, grand, and spiritual. Fresh seafood is sold every morning at the Shiogama Market, located between Matsushima and Sendai, where you can select your choice of fresh seafood and go to counter No. 6 to make your own original seafood rice bowl!

Matsushima Japan
Dots icon
15:12  Matsushima Kaigan Station
JR Senseki Line, about 20minJR Senseki Line, about 20min
15:30  Nakanosakae Station
Walk, 10min

Shop Icon15:40Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port

Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port is one of the largest outlet malls in the Tohoku region. As the mall offers fashion, daily necessities, and miscellaneous goods from domestic brands, you can find high quality goods at reasonable prices here!

3-7-2 Nakano, Miyagi-ku, Sendai City Miyagi Prefecture 983-0013
Tekephone number: +81-22-355-8800
Oening Hours: 10:00 - 20:00

Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port
Walk, 10min
18:10 Nakanosakae Station
JR Senseki Line, about 15minJR Senseki Line, about 15min
Sendai Station Stay
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