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  • Exhilarating Outdoors​

    Japan's outdoors, inclusive of its 31 national parks, is nothing short of spectacular when it comes to hiking. From guided tours to self-exploration adventures, there are numerous options to choose from depending on your likings, objective and schedule.​

  • Be rewarded on the icon and peak of Japan - Mt. Fuji​

    Among hiking destinations in Japan, by far the most famous is Mt. Fuji and for a good reason. It is the highest peak in Japan, standing at 3,776 metres. It might be a challenging hike, but the summit offers the most rewarding view. The trail is divided into 10 "stations". A unique feature is that you can climb until Mt. Fuji's crater. It takes around 60 minutes to reach it from the ninth station . On its peak, you will gain a panoramic 360° view of the surrounding areas. Try catching the sunrise and feel the warmth of the Sun touch your skin.​​​​

  • Embrace nature at Okukuji Area​

    Another distinguished hiking destination is Mt. Yamizo in Okukuji, Ibaraki Prefecture. This mountain stands out for those who embrace nature and lush forests with its four-tiered waterfalls known as Fukuroda Falls. Each season transforms into a different majestic scenery as the water flows gracefully on each tier. Mt. Yamizo is the tallest mountain in Ibaraki at 1,022 metres and aside from Fukuroda Falls, at its peak stands Yamizomine Shrine and Nichirinji Temple.​

  • Be captivated by the interesting Shikoku Karst​​

    If you want something that resembles a scene from the famous anime series, "Heidi, Girl of the Alps," then Shikoku Karst will captivate you with its distinctive geological terrain. Scattered across its plains are intriguing limestone formations caused by erosion. What's more, multiple trails lead to a summit overlooking the Shikoku region and the Atlantic Ocean.​​​

  • Trek through the large, ancient marshlands of Oze National Park​

    Proving that Japan has many varied hiking trails, the Oze National Park in Gunma Prefecture is where you'll find the biggest highland marsh in Japan. The whole area was born from the lava that erupted from Mt. Hiuchigatake 10,000 years ago. The plants date back to the Ice Age, making it very unique that the natural park goes to great lengths to preserve the wetlands' ecology. Aside from its unique flora, the park is home to the Fukiware Falls that is akin to a mini Niagara Falls.

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