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  • Winterscapes of Japan Winterscapes of Japan

    Venture into Japan's winterscapes

    Be it an adventure, an exhilarating ride, or just some children-inclusive activities in the snow, you can find your preferred or even unique experiences from a plethora of snow activities in Japan. Having no experience in the snow should not hinder nor stop you from even trying out as there are activities that suit all ages and levels.

  • Winter Family Fun in Japan Winter Family Fun in Japan

    Family fun in the winter

    An ideal resort that will let you and your family experience a magical time in Hokkaido as you enjoy Kiroro Resort to your heart's content. It is a family-friendly destination with top-notch facility. It has a Snow Park where kids can build snow castles and slide down slopes on a tube. Marvel at the winter landscape on a "Snow Cat", a truck-type vehicle capable of moving seamlessly on snowy terrain.

  • Hokkaido Magnificent Nature Hokkaido Magnificent Nature

    Admire Hokkaido's magnificent blue pond with new perspectives

    Visit the Kaminoko pond in Hokkaido, famous for its stunning clear blue waters caused by volcanic minerals reflecting blue light. Travel on foot through the woods with a snowshoe tour. Learn about nature and encounter wildlife such as deers, foxes, and the famous Red-crowned Crane if you're lucky.

  • Fat Tire Biking in Snow in Japan Fat Tire Biking in Snow in Japan

    Pedalling in the snow

    A fun way to explore Hokkaido both in summer and winter is through Fat-tire biking or fat-biking. Gaining popularity over the years, it is essentially a mountain bike fitted with fat tires to easily travel on rugged terrains, including snow. There are a lot of unique fat bike tours that let you experience Hokkaido to the fullest. Ride along Abashiri's coast, famous for its drift ice, or across the frozen Lake Abashiri. You can even visit the Drift Ice Festival and go on stargazing tours at night.

  • Wakasagi Fishing at Lake Akan in Japan Wakasagi Fishing at Lake Akan in Japan

    Wakasagi Fishing at Lake Akan

    Another unique way to enjoy Hokkaido's winter is by experiencing Wakasagi Fishing. Wakasagi, or the Japanese smelt, are found in large shoals under the frozen lakes. On the spot, you can even taste your catch fresh - the tempura style!

Locations to explore with snow activities

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