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  • A Splash of Fun in Clear Waters

    Make your way to the most southern part of Japan to experience its best water activities! There are various activities for all ages, and you can discover Japan from different perspectives and something of your preferred pace.

  • A Stand-up Ocean Experience

    A combination of kayaking and surfing, a stand-up paddle (SUP) experience lets you glide through calm ocean waters and admire the azure landscape at ease.

  • Walk in the Ocean

    Get up close and personal with the aquatic treasures of Okinawa on an 'underwater walk'. Using a pressurized helmet, you walk along the seabed to witness Okinawa's rich coral reefs and abundant marine life.

  • Paddle in the Ocean

    Sea kayak your way into the scenic spots of Okinawa. A convenient, relatively safe, and family-friendly way to explore the beautiful coastline of Yanbaru National Park and the Ishigaki-Iriomote National Park, among others.

  • Scuba Diving in Okinawan waters

    Dive into the depths of Okinawa's waters while observing the rich biodiversity around its 160 islands. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Okinawa has lots to offer, depending on your diving experience.

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