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  • Wildlife of Japan Wildlife of Japan

    Discover rare bird and wildlife at their hotspots

    Various endemic birds such as Izu Thrush, Iijima Warblers, and Japanese Pygmy Woodpeckers, Oriental White Stork call Japan their home. Aside from endemic birds, there are also other fascinating wildlife that you can witness first-hand like the snow monkeys bathing in onsen of Nagano Prefecture or the Ussuri Brown Bear.

  • Japanese Serow Locally Known as Kamoshika Japanese Serow Locally Known as Kamoshika

    Seeking the spirit of the forest

    The Japanese serow is an endemic species locally known as kamoshika. It can be found in the subalpine forests and meadows across Japan. At a glance, it looks like a mix between a goat and an antelope with greyish brown fluffy fur.

  • Birds of Okinawa Japan Birds of Okinawa Japan

    Find Okinawa's elusive flightless bird

    Okinawa is home to various rare and endemic species. The rarest of them all is the Okinawa Rail. Locally known as the Yabaru Kuina, it is a medium-sized bird with a vermillion-coloured bill and legs. At the same time, it has olive-brownish feathers on its back while it has black and white stripes on its chest.

  • Explore Japan Scenic Marshlands by Rail Explore Japan Scenic Marshlands by Rail

    Explore the scenic marshlands by rail

    The Kushiro Marshland is a national park that preserves the biggest marshland in Japan. It is home to the endangered Japanese Red-crowned Cranes or tancho. The easiest way to admire these iconic, incredible creatures and other wildlife is on board the Kushiro Shitsugen Norokko Train.

Hotspots of the fascinating wildlife

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