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Nukumori no Mori Shizuoka Prefecture Japan

Flag iconNukumori no Mori

Nukumori no Mori is straight out of a fairy tale. It was built and designed by an architect, named Shigeyoshi Sasaki, who had a fascination in medieval European houses. What started out as an office and furniture workshop for him transformed into a place of warmth and relaxation. Chill out at their restaurant or café where they serve mouth-watering gastronomic delights. Take lovely photos with your family with its picturesque forest and rustic buildings as interesting backdrop. The whole ambience will make you feel transported into a magical world similar to that of some Ghibli movie.

Location: 2949 Wajicho, Hamamatsu, Nishi-Ku, Shizuoka Prefecture 431-1115
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 17:00
Admission Fee: 400 yen
Regular rest days: Thursdays
http://www.nukumori.jp/ (Japanese)
https://www.inhamamatsu.com/activity/nukumorinomori.php (English)

Hamamatsu Flower Park Shizuoka Prefecture Japan

Flag iconHamamatsu Flower Park (Lunch)

A rainbow of colours greets you as you enter Hamamatsu Flower Park. It is a botanical garden located near Lake Hamana featuring 3,000 species of plants, including an array of flowers that changes every season. Imagine the fragrant smell of various plants and flowers wafting through the air as you enjoy a hearty lunch. Add to that, the panoramic views of flower fields and greenery as far as the eyes can see will make you abandon all worries and feel refreshed.

Location: 195 Kanzanjicho, Hamamatsu, Nishi-Ku, Shizuoka Prefecture 431-1209
https://www.e-flowerpark.com/guide/ (Japanese)
https://www.inhamamatsu.com/activity/flower-park.php (English)

Lake Hamana Sightseeing Cruiser Shizuoka Prefecture Japan

Flag iconLake Hamana Sightseeing Cruiser

Feel the warmth of the gentle breeze and take in the beauty of nature which changes every season along Lake Hamana. The lake itself is brimming with life. During the season of winter, you may find seagulls flying along the coast and it gives off a peaceful and relaxing ambience, making it an ideal place to also watch the sunset mirroring itself on the lake's pristine waters. Various themes are held on the cruise depending on each season, so each visit is a unique experience to look forward to. Your children will like this cruise ride too!

Location: 2226-1 Kanzanjicho, Hamamatsu, Nishi-Ku, Shizuoka Prefecture 431-1209
Admission Fee: Cruise for 30 minutes – 1,000 yen (*Adult), 500 yen (Child) One day pass for cruise rides – 1,800 yen (*Adult), 900 yen (Child) *Referring to those in high school and above
https://www.hamanako-yuransen.com/ (Japanese)
https://www.inhamamatsu.com/activity/hamanako-sightseeing-cruiser.php (English)

Kanzanji Onsen Shizuoka Prefecture Japan

Flag iconKanzanji Onsen

Relax and rejuvenate your tired bodies in the waters of Kanzanji Onsen. It is known to be Shizuoka Prefecture's largest hot spring resort. Experience the warmth not only in the hot springs, but also from Japanese hospitality or omotenashi. There is a great selection of hotels and ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) that will cater to your every need. Each accommodation has its own unique signature baths overlooking Lake Hamanako. And, let's not forget the flavourful gourmet prepared using local and fresh seasonal ingredients that will make your stay even more memorable.


West route

West Route
Welcome to the historic region of Japan – the Kansai region. Get transported back in time as you travel along and experience ancient castles, cryptic ninjas, and time-tested gourmet food. Feel the warmth of friendly locals and immerse in the culture to grasp what Japan is all about.

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