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East Route



Tsukiji Outer Market Japan

Flag iconTsukiji Outer Market (Lunch)

Famously known for its tuna auctions, Tsukiji has transformed into a gourmet's gastronomic heaven. Traditionally a wholesale supplier, some of the shops ventured into retail as well to cater to the growing demand of visitors. Featuring the freshest seafood that you can taste at any of its restaurants or eateries, you can never really go wrong whichever you go to for lunch.


National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Japan

Flag iconNational Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

Awaken your senses as you explore the halls of the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, locally known as Miraikan, which is strategically divided into three zones. Greeting you at its entrance is a huge 3D display of Earth made of organic electroluminescent panels as part of its Discover Earth zone. You and your kids can interact with robots and learn about technology advancements in their Create Your Future Zone while the space exploration zone features the solar system, Earth science, and astronauts.


Museum of Maritime Science Japan

Flag iconMuseum of Maritime Science

"Bringing the seven seas together" is the motto of the Museum of Maritime Science. As its namesake suggests, it focuses on the sea, ships, and maritime culture. Japan, as a nation, is widely saturated in using marine resources and this museum embodies the future of what Japan should strive to be in contributing to help the oceans and its inhabitants survive for the years to come.

Location: 3-1 Higashiyashio, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo Prefecture 135-0092
Opening Hours: 10:00~15:00 (Opening Hours is subject to change, please visit the website.)
Admission Fee: Free
https://funenokagakukan.or.jp/download/pdf/FunenoKagakukan_A4TriFold_Flyer_EN5.pdf (English)
https://funenokagakukan.or.jp/ (Japanese)

West route

West Route
Welcome to the historic region of Japan – the Kansai region. Get transported back in time as you travel along and experience ancient castles, cryptic ninjas, and time-tested gourmet food. Feel the warmth of friendly locals and immerse in the culture to grasp what Japan is all about.

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