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Legoland Nagoya Japan

Flag iconLegoland Japan

The first Legoland theme park in Japan, located in Nagoya, opened its doors to the public in April 2017. Look forward to huge displays of dioramas, people, vehicles, iconic tourist spots, and random everyday things made of LEGO dotted all over the theme park. It has a 60-metre high observation tower that offers a 360-degree view of the theme park overlooking Nagoya City and its coastline. The fun and excitement never stop as kids and the young at heart can enjoy hands-on workshops, rides, carnival games, cinema, water slides, driving school, and a whole lot of other rides and experiences!


Oasis 21 Nagoya Japan

Flag iconOasis 21

Get ready to be mind-blown in this three-dimensional park standing 14 metres above the ground! It is especially exquisite at night with its colourful lights show reflecting the flowing water on its glass surface. The ambience is further enhanced by a pathway along the outer rim where it gives the illusion of walking in the sky.


Nagoya Tebasaki Fried Chicken Wings

Flag iconTebasaki (Dinner)

Nagoya's tebasaki, or fried chicken wings in Japanese, is especially well-known among Japanese. The most common recipe is deep-fried without any batter but coated with a special sweet-salty sauce usually sprinkled with sesame seeds.

West route

West Route
Welcome to the historic region of Japan – the Kansai region. Get transported back in time as you travel along and experience ancient castles, cryptic ninjas, and time-tested gourmet food. Feel the warmth of friendly locals and immerse in the culture to grasp what Japan is all about.

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