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Luxurious Kyushu Train Adventure

36+3 JR Kyushu Train

Experience adventure and
luxury accompanied by fresh seafood!

Admire the stunning views of Nagasaki from within the new JR Kyushu sightseeing train. Marvel at the elegant black exterior finish and the luxurious aesthetics of its interior as the train takes you on a journey to experience the history and culture, cruising along historic sites such as Dejima, and Hashima Island. Enjoy the fun and excitement of i+Land Nagasaki and Island Lumina. Taste the local delicacies and cuisine in Nagasaki as you venture into its famous landmarks and learn more about Japanese culture.

Day 1

36+3 Train 36+3 Train

10:51 Take the 36+3 Train at Hakata Station

36+3 is a newly renovated train which travels through the famous tourist stops all over Kyushu in five days. The five different daytime routes are named after the days of the week starting from Thursday to Monday. This itinerary introduces the Monday route, which stops at Hakata, Saga, and Nagasaki.
Formerly a JR Kyushu limited express service, this train has been refurbished to feature distinctive new cabins, completed with black paint and gold details to exude elegance.

Interiors of 36+3 JR Kyushu Train

It has a total of six cars, each interior bearing its unique features. Car 1 and 2 are luxurious private rooms while car 3 is where you’ll find the bar selling drinks, snacks, and other goods. Moving on to car 4 is the communal lounge area where passengers can sit back and enjoy drinks or snacks while engaging in conversations with your loved ones, or even with fellow passengers. Lastly, car 5 and 6 are standard seating. Have a pleasant time in the smoothing atmosphere of car 6, which has been fitted with tatami floors and completed with traditional Japanese furnishing, hence shoes are to be removed before entry. Lunch and dinner plans with different kinds of Japanese Sake (rice wine) are available and the menu is created by famous Michelin star chef and Kyushu-native, Shugo Nagaoka.
*IMPORTANT: Lunch meals will change from March 2021.


Interiors of 36+3 JR Kyushu Train Interiors of 36+3 JR Kyushu Train

15:38 Nagasaki Station

Down Arrow Icon Tram, 5 mins

15:45 Dejima

When Japan was a closed nation in the early 1600s, Dejima was the only island opened for international trade, specifically with the Dutch. Fast forward to the present day, it has become a national historical site where it has been renovated to feature the trading lifestyle of the old Dejima. Several buildings, which have survived, have been reconstructed, in order to recreate the atmosphere of the Edo period. A mix of Japanese and European architecture and interior design can be seen across the area, creating a curious contrast between the cultures.

The staff are dressed in traditional Japanese clothes giving off an Edo era atmosphere.

Down Arrow Icon Tram, 5 mins

17:30 Nagasaki Station

Down Arrow Icon Shuttle Bus, 45 mins

18:15 i+Land Nagasaki

i+Land Entertainment Resort Nagasaki Japan

i+Land is an entertainment resort that features top-notch facilities and exciting activities, offering an experience that will leave you exhilarated and energized. The entire resort is made up of two small islands called Okinoshima and Ioujima. It has several uniquely designed accommodations that you can choose from and lots of fun activities for the whole family. Only a 30-minute car ride from Nagasaki City, you will see that the resort is divided into a Port Area and a Garden Area when you arrive. The Garden Area has a picturesque landscape perfect for relaxation, featuring a natural onsen and gourmet restaurants. Whereas the Port Area has a Kids Lodge (where even the kids-at-heart can enjoy), a grill restaurant by the seaside, and a famous bakery with freshly baked bread available every day.


Seafood in i+Land Nagasaki Hotel rooms in i+Land Nagasaki
Island Lumina Interactive Multimedia Night Walk for Adventure Seekers


Get transported into a fantasy world filled with adventure and surprises. Island Lumina features an interactive multimedia night walk for the adventure seekers. The night walk is a quest focusing on a young girl named Yura who is on a journey in search of an enchanted jewel to restore balance on the island. Each pathway follows her story and each area’s natural beauty is enhanced by state-of-the-art multimedia technology which brings you closer to nature and the story.


Island Lumina Interactive Multimedia Night Walk for Adventure Seekers Island Lumina Interactive Multimedia Night Walk for Adventure Seekers

Day 2

Hashima Island Nagasaki Japan Hashima Island Nagasaki Japan

10:50 Iojima

Down Arrow Icon Ferry

Hashima Island

Widely known as Gunkanjima or Battleship Island and located off the coast of Nagasaki, Hashima Island used to be a coal mine home to more than 5,000 locals until 1974. It is now a World Cultural Heritage site, and you can enjoy a full tour of the island with an English concierge. The concierge will guide you in understanding and learning the island’s history and culture, and bring you to rare spots that are not open to landing tours.


Hashima Island Widely Known As Gunkanjima Or Battleship Island

Down Arrow Icon Ferry

12:50 Iojima

13:00 Amimoto at Ark Land Spa

Savour a mouth-watering, fresh seafood meal at Amimoto Shokudo. It features traditional Japanese seafood dishes that focus on their natural taste. Combining the elegant atmosphere with its simple yet beautifully designed dishes, guests are sure to be satisfied by the end of this dining experience.


Fresh Seafood Meal at Amimoto Shokudo Amimoto at Ark Land Spa

14:00 Rental Bike at i+Land Nagasaki

Traverse i+Land Nagasaki with rental bicycles to fully immerse in its nature and atmosphere at your leisure and pace. Visit its famous landmarks, Magome Church - a cultural heritage spot - and Lighthouse - Japan’s first steel lighthouse, and discover the interesting, rich history behind these landmarks. As you cycle by the waters, be refreshed as you feel the relaxing breeze on your face accompanied by the scenic views.


Explore i+Land Nagasaki with Rental Bicycles

Down Arrow Icon Shuttle Bus, 45 mins

17:20 Nagasaki Station

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