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Luxurious Kyushu Train Adventure

Luxurious Kyushu Train Adventure

Experience elegance and refreshing ocean views

Delight yourself in the elegance of the A-Train in Kumamoto. Unwind at the beach and savour the local food, or feel the excitement when witnessing adorable dolphins while cruising the Ariake Sea. Ease into the comfort that Amakusa provides and experience the warmth of Japan’s culture.

Day 1

A-Train JR Kyushu Train A-Train JR Kyushu Train

10:35 Hop on the A-Train at Kumamoto Station

Experience the stylish A-Train by riding from Kumamoto to Misumi. Named after a jazz song, the train consists of two cars painted in black finish with warm gold details that invoke elegance; the sophistication of the train certainly captures how classy Jazz is. The train usually runs on weekends and holidays with three return trips a day.

Interiors of A-Train JR Kyushu Train

The interior was inspired by Southern European culture that was a hit during the 16th century in Amakusa. Adorned with hardwood floors, warm colours, and stained-glass details, the interior looks like it came straight out from a movie. Seats and sofas covered in classic motifs are finished with wood furnishings, providing a warm and cosy ambience. The bar serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and local delicacies like Amakusa Salt Bean Jelly and Amakusa Salt Caramel. Souvenirs are available too.


Interiors of A-Train JR Kyushu Train Interiors of A-Train JR Kyushu Train

11:12 Misumi Station

Down Arrow Icon Walk, 5 mins

11:30 Board Cruise (Amakusa Takarajima Line) at Misumi Port

Down Arrow Icon Cruise

11:50 Matsushima (Maeshima) Port

L’isola Terrace Amakusa

Lisola Terrace Amakusa

Sit back and enjoy the views from L’isola’s terrace while relishing their delicately crafted delicacies. The rustic ambience of the terrace combined with the extensive view of the sea perfectly embodies the essence of what they are named after, L’isola, which means island. Take your time to admire the scenic ocean while having a drink and indulging in Amakusa’s local food. The restaurant serves the famous salt bread of Amakusa that complements their charcuterie-cheese board.


Lisola Terrace Amakusa Lisola Terrace Amakusa
Dolphin Watching Cruise in Amakusa

Dolphin Watching

Smell the ocean, feel the breeze, and revel in the presence of bottlenose dolphins! Join an exciting cruise in Amakusa and witness dolphins playing and jumping out of the sea as they swim alongside the yacht. While watching the dolphins, learn about their behaviour and the ecology of Ariake Sea from professional guides. Admire the panoramic views of the Ariake Sea and Amakusa Gokyo to refresh yourself.


Dolphin Watching Cruise in Amakusa Dolphin Watching Cruise in Amakusa

Down Arrow Icon Shuttle Bus

15:30 Amakusa Tenku No Fune

Experience the Magnificent Amakusa Tenku No Fune

Experience the magnificent Amakusa Tenku no Fune with their private open-air bath, ocean view rooms, and authentic Italian food. Situated along the borders of Unzen-Amakusa National Park, there is plenty of nature. Watch the sunset as you dine in the finest cuisine and bask in nature’s beauty. Taste the fresh ingredients curated straight from Ariake and Shiranui Seas, and homegrown selection of meats, such as the rare Amakusa Daio Chicken and juicy Bainiku Pork.


Experience the Magnificent Amakusa Tenku No Fune Experience the Magnificent Amakusa Tenku No Fune

Day 2

Fukushin Restaurant Located at the Entrance of Amakusa Fukushin Restaurant Located at the Entrance of Amakusa

11:00 Check out

Down Arrow Icon Explore around the hotel, 30 mins

11:30 Fukushin

Located right at the entrance of Amakusa and next to the no.5 bridge in Kamiamakusa Matsushima Town, Fukushin is a great place to have a stroll and enjoy the scenic views at. Located also right by the waters, their bestselling dish is their unagi (eel), with its rich and juicy texture coated in their exclusive homemade sauce.


Unagi Eel at Fukushin Restaurant Kamiamakusa Matsushima Town

13:00 Sightseeing cab plan - A-2 Course -

Save yourself from having to figure out directions and getting lost, the sightseeing cab plan will take you to your destinations with the plan you choose. Tours are offered in 2-hour or 3-hour courses with a local tour guide showing you around. Learn about the facts and trivia as you appreciate the nature, culture, architecture, and history. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Amakusa and take home unforgettable, valuable memories.


Oe Tenshudo Church Amakusa Myoken Ura Coast Amakusa

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