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Combine travel with style as you learn more about Japan through its people, culture, and nature. Try your hand at customizing your own pair of jeans at Betty Smith. Experience the thrilling adventure of riding a seaplane overlooking stunning views of Setouchi. Watch a beautiful geisha perform a tea ceremony or step into the world of sumo wrestling. Our recommendations will not only help you learn more about Japan but also create valuable experiences and unforgettable memories.

Create Your Own Perfect Jeans Japan Create Your Own Perfect Jeans Japan

Create your very own perfect jeans!Betty Smith

Visit the sacred land of jeans in Kurashiki City – Kojima. Looking for the right fit of jeans is surprisingly tricky; however, at Betty Smith’s, you don’t have to worry about that. You can customize your jeans from start to finish.

Betty Smith is the pioneer of jeans in Japan; learn all about it at the Jeans Museum & Village. The village comprises the factory, museums I and II, and an outlet. The Jeans Museum I showcases the origins of Betty Smith while the second floor is a salon where made-to-order jeans are created. Jeans Museum II exhibits the transformation of jeans made in Kojima, while the factory is where you can take a peek of the production process. Get hands-on experience on how to customize your own jeans using buttons, rivets, and leather patches. It’ll certainly be a fitting piece as a memorable souvenir to bring back home. Last but not least, is the outlet where you can find a good bargain of Betty Smith creations.


Customize Your Jeans at Betty Smith in Kurashiki City Kojima
Magical Setouchi Japan Magical Setouchi Japan

Venture into the magical Setouchi via a thousand kilometres above sea levelSetouchi Seaplanes

The Seto Inland Sea separates the three (out of five) main islands of Japan, namely: Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. It is one of Japan’s most popular destinations, attributed to its calm waters and mild climate. Travel by land and by sea are, of course, the most common ways of exploring its islands and beaches. However, by far, the most unique and interesting way to admire its brilliance may actually be above in the clouds. Setouchi Seaplanes will be your guide in intimately experiencing the hidden wonders of Setouchi from a bird’s eye view; a luxurious yet thrilling adventure on a Kodiak 100 aircraft.


Explore Setouchi Via Setouchi Seaplanes
Geisha Performance Japan Geisha Performance Japan

Witness the sophisticatedly beautiful artistry of a geisha performanceIn Kanazawa House

Kanazawa specializes in providing authentic Japanese experiences to its guests. Located in the teahouse district of Kanazawa, the geisha performance is quite a rare experience even for Japanese themselves. Geisha are women who undergo intensive training to master the traditional performing arts of Japan, such as dancing, singing, and playing musical instruments. This experience offers not only entertainment but authentic Kanazawa cuisine, enriched with a tour of the historical building full of Kanazawa antiques and architecture.

The performance begins with a geisha singing and dancing in the tune of a traditional Japanese instrument. After which, there will be a short intermission before meals are served. The meals are also notable because it has been handpicked by a famous local Japanese restaurant in Kanazawa. Once dinner is in place, guests are allowed to interact with geishas. Learn more about the way of life of geisha and the intricate Japanese performing arts. Once the entire performance routine is completed, you get a chance to take photos with the geisha. A rare opportunity indeed!


Geisha Performance in the Teahouse District of Kanazawa Japan
Sumo Tournaments in Japan Sumo Tournaments in Japan

Dare to enter the ancient practice of Sumo WrestlingSumo Tournament

Sumo has been around since ancient times and was initially performed for Shinto deities. Hence, certain religious rituals still remain in Sumo tournaments up to this day.

The rules of Sumo matches are relatively simple. The first person out of the ring or if any part of the body except the feet touches the ground loses. Tournaments are very intense even if a match only lasts a few seconds. The several rituals performed before a match are already impressive because they are very detailed and symbolic. The elevated ring called dohyou is purified with salt and offerings buried in the middle of it. The rituals also build up the tension of each match as they are performed in total silence. Matches are decided regardless of weight or class, which means a wrestler can be paired with someone twice their size. However, it doesn't mean that bigger opponents always win as agility and techniques also play an essential role; brain sometimes work better than brawn. This unique rule makes matches more exciting, so it comes to no surprise that it is the national sport of Japan.


Ryogoku Kokugikan National Sumo Arena

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