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Treat yourself to a relaxing and luxurious stay in one (or even all!) of these unique accommodations. It's the perfect getaway to unwind and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Bliss Stay in Japan Bliss Stay in Japan

Travel back in time in the 'Castle in the Sky'EN Takeda Castle Town Hotel

The Castle in the Sky

Find your secret retreat among the clouds as you enter Takeda Castle Town Hotel. It is located at the foot of one of Japan's prominent castle ruins, the Takeda Castle ruins. The castle itself attracts a lot of visitors because of its natural beauty. It is dubbed the "Castle in the Sky" as it's covered in a sea of clouds on foggy mornings, hence giving off the illusion that it's floating. The hotel itself is full of history, dating back 400 years ago and being registered as a Tangible Cultural Property. What used to be a distillery was renovated into a sweet escape for travellers who want to experience both culture and history. The rooms were built over 100 years ago in the Meiji era and its original state was preserved as much as possible when it was renovated. There are five rooms in total – four located in the main building and one in the annexe next to it.

Takeda Castle Town Hotel Japan

On Spotlight

Each room has its own unique aesthetic; some of the retained key architectural designs are Japanese-style porches, sliding doors, transom panels, and tatami floors. The simple yet elegant interior design allows guests to admire historical Japanese architecture while relaxing in their rooms. The food prepared by the restaurant is personally handpicked by the master chef from local markets and farms. The concept of Takeda cuisine is to elevate and accentuate the taste of indigenous ingredients like Tamba black soybeans, Tamba chestnuts, and Tajima beef using a mix of Japanese and French cooking techniques. Visit the concierge service to receive tips on how to explore the castle town while avoiding crowds and the best time to see the gorgeous "Castle in the Sky." The unparalleled charm of traditional Japanese houses partnered with warm hospitality and excellent service make this hotel stand out remarkably.


Cuisine at Takeda Castle Town Hotel Japan Rooms at Takeda Castle Town Hotel Japan
Magical Winter Wonderland Experience in Japan Magical Winter Wonderland Experience in Japan

A fleeting yet
magical winter wonderland experienceHoshino Resorts TOMAMU Ice Village

The Enchanting Ice Village

The Ice Village is a unique attraction available only for a limited period in winter at Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU. Located in the south of Mount Tomamu, the hotel is one of the most popular resorts in Hokkaido. It is a village made of ice and snow, looking like it came straight out of a fairy tale. To create this frozen masterpiece, the temperatures have to reach -30°C, which is only achievable in an environment such as that of Tomamu. It offers various icy events and activities for all ages, featuring 10 ice domes that look like giant igloos having attractions unique to its theme.

Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU Ice Village in Japan

Highlight Attractions

Some of the domes you can visit in the Ice Village are the Ice Bar, Ice Terrace, Ice Atelier and of course, the Ice Hotel. Enjoy more than 50 kinds of liquor beverages featuring original cocktails created by the Ice Bar over at the Ice Terrace while overlooking a stunning wintery view. If you’re up to learning a new skill, try your hand at making your very own ice glass at the Ice Atelier, and use it at the Ice Bar. After enjoying the day around the Ice Village, roll into the Ice Hotel where everything is made of ice except for the fluffy and warm bedding. Hotel guests can take a dip in the outdoor onsen surrounded by a birch forest. After warming up, you can sit back and relax in the ice lounge while enjoying a drink, feeling at ease as you experience the magical winterscape.


Ice Hotel Room at Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU Ice Village Make Your Own Ice Glass at Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU Ice Village
Luxury Stay in Kashikojima Japan Luxury Stay in Kashikojima Japan

Enjoy luxury at its finest

A Luxurious Zen Experience

The Hiramatsu Hotel on Kashikojima provides a luxurious yet hospitable stay for their guests. Having only eight guest rooms, the attention to detail in attending each of the guests’ needs is exceptional. The island is located in Ago Bay, a famous destination for nature and spiritual experience because of its close proximity to Ise Jingu Shrine, the sacred shrine known as the "Soul of Japan." Rather than just an accommodation, the hotel regards itself as a destination by offering experiences like savouring fine gourmet food, Japanese hospitality, and the scenic views of Ago Bay.

Hiramatsu Hotel Kashikojima

Accentuated Relaxation

The hotel's interior design is a unique mix of European and Japanese influences and it's described as a European-style ryokan. Spa services are available, such as clay therapy and private thalassotherapy pool using seawater from Ise-Shima. For something intimate, the hotel's restaurant offers private dining rooms to let guests enjoy their meals in private. The chef creates a menu which centres on French cuisine but not bound by a single culinary tradition, using the finest local ingredients from Shima which is known for its produce. Dine while gazing at the picturesque view of Ago Bay and the warm hues of the interior design, creating a luxurious yet calming atmosphere.


Cuisine at Hiramatsu Hotel Kashikojima Accommodation at Hiramatsu Hotel Kashikojima
Retreat Under The Stars in Japan Retreat Under The Stars in Japan

A special retreat under the starsSouth Aso Luna Observatory · Auberge "Atelier in the Forest"

A Celestial Affinity

Combine relaxation with a romantic stay at this French-style inn and enjoy stargazing from an astronomical observatory in Minami-Aso. This stay offers a stargazing tour, French fine-dining with music, and planetarium experience. Across the Luna Observatory is an English-style cottage built in 1986. Surround yourself with nature by tucking into one of seven guest rooms in the main building, each featuring their own unique interior.

South Aso Luna Observatory


The Luna Observatory has the largest telescope in Kyushu. On the stargazing tour “A Stars Walk”, the brilliant Pleiades constellation can be seen even by the naked eye on a clear night. Don’t fret if you are not well acquainted with astronomy, a star concierge will guide you through the whole tour. After the tour, retreat into the cottage, where some guest rooms have a rustic feel with antiques decorated at every turn while other rooms are fitted with tatami floors for a traditional Japanese experience. Next to the cottage is an annexe, where gastronomic magic happens. The restaurant Forest Atelier offers a special menu - Aso Cuisine, which uses only ingredients from the Aso region. While savouring an array of fresh flavours, live music serenades you, and the staff’s excellent service will complete this gratifying experience.


Luna Observatory Has the Largest Telescope in Kyushu English Style Cottage Across the Luna Observatory Kyushu Japan

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