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Enter a world of new flavours and haute cuisine as each bite you savour deepens your understanding of Japan’s culture and hospitality.

Omakase Dining in Japan Omakase Dining in Japan

Experience the thrill of omakase diningthe SUSHI

An Intimate Experience

Celebrate a special moment with your loved one in the classy restaurant of the SUSHI. On the 52nd floor behind a rooftop bar in Toranomon Hills, you will uncover a hidden gem as you enter a space of calmness and culinary tradition. With only 8 seats, this intimate sushi counter offers an ambience of exclusivity, with a menu featuring a la carte options and omakase courses. Omakase means, "I entrust it to you," which is a service from Japanese tradition that lets the chef express creativity and choose the best to serve the customer, and it is often offered in upscale sushi restaurants. It's quite exciting and fascinating to watch the sushi chef create a sushi course masterpiece just for you.


The SUSHI Behind Rooftop Bar in Toranomon Hills Tokyo
Premium Beef Perfectly Marbled Japan Premium Beef Perfectly Marbled Japan

140 years of history in a perfectly marbled dishMouriya

Dine in History

Satisfy your tastebuds as you dine in elegance at Mouriya. For around 140 years of experience in serving the finest Kobe beef, Mouriya prides itself in giving its customers the joy in every bite. Aside from the usual menu of strictly premium beef, special courses for occasions are also available. Their carefully selected beef are descendants of the rare Japanese cattle breed – Tajima. Mouriya is dedicated to offering the ‘energy for tomorrow’ through their food, hence giving customers a rejuvenating experience. If you have been wanting to try the famous A5 Kobe beef, this is the perfect place.


Mouriya Japan for Premium Kobe Beef
Fresh Oysters Japan Fresh Oysters Japan

Lavish in Hiroshima’s freshest oysters on a floating restaurantKanawa Wakyu / Seto

Fresh Seafood Delight

Kanawa is a restaurant specializing in oysters since 1867. The restaurant itself was built on a fishing boat that was used to catch oysters back in the day. It has 2 floors, named Seto (lower floor) and Wakyu (upper floor), both having traditional Japanese interior furnished with tatami floors and low tables. While Seto focuses on oyster dishes with its set and course meals, Wakyu offers customized cuisine according to the customer’s request. Hiroshima is famous for its oysters and produces 60% of Japan’s supply. Since Kanawa breeds oysters themselves, oysters are served fresh all year round in their restaurant. Oysters are cultivated off the coast of Hiroshima Bay with clean waters straight from Chugoku Mountains’ Ota River, so they’re safe, healthy, and delicious.


Kanawa Restaurant Specializing in Oysters Since 1867
Tranquil Dining Experience in Japan Tranquil Dining Experience in Japan

Dine for a tranquil experienceKyoto Cuisine Awata Sanso at Kyoto Hotel Okura Villa

Kyoto Fine dining

Tucked away in the Higashiyama residential district, Kyoto Cuisine Awata Sanso provides the classic and elegant Japanese dining experience. Surrounded by lush greenery, you’ll be led in by a traditional wooden gate and flagstone pavement as you enter the premises. Traditional Japanese multi-course cuisine called kaiseki is delicately presented on exquisite wooden and ceramic tableware.
Donning on their kimono and presenting their impeccable service, the attending staff add to the refined atmosphere of the dining experience. Guests are seated in private rooms with windows that display a scenic view of the Japanese garden or picturesque Kyoto. This traditional restaurant not only satisfies the palate of guests, but also instils a gratifying experience.


Kyoto Cuisine Awata Sanso Fine Dining

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